Due to issues with lags in the reporting of COVID test results, we are no longer providing daily updates on cases. We hope to have a weekly reporting system in place soon. 


Pennsylvania Coronavirus Tracker 

June 19, 2020  |   Updated 2 pm 


cumulative Cases cumulative Deaths Death Rate Negative Tests percent Positive Tests New Cases
80,762 6,399 7.34 556,456 12.67 526


The source data for this post comes from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.1 Pennsylvania added 526 new COVID-19 cases on June 19.2 The state reported 6,399 COVID-19 deaths as of noon on June 19, making the death rate among confirmed and probable cases in the state 7.3 percent. Most (67.9%) deaths are related to nursing and personal care homes. The state also reports 725 COVID-19 related hospitalizations, 25 fewer than yesterday. Table 1 presents a summary set of indicators related to COVID-19 in the state.

There were 526 newly confirmed and probable cases in the past 24 hours (compared to 418 yesterday) and 12,624 newly confirmed negative tests (compared to 10,819 yesterday) in the same time period. The number of confirmed and probable cases increased by 0.7 percent from yesterday’s total number of cases. The rate of testing in the state increased by 2.1 percent from the prior day’s total.


Figure 1. COVID-19 in Pennsylvania: Red line shows the seven-day average number of confirmed and probable cases and the bars represent the number of newly confirmed and probable cases each day.


The positive test rate for cases reported on June 19 is 4 percent. Testing in Pennsylvania has identified 556,456 negative tests and 80,762 confirmed and probable cases, which gives a cumulative positive test rate of 12.7 percent.


Figure 2. COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, Cumulative Totals: The blue portion of each bar shows the cumulative number of negative COVID-19 tests in Pennsylvania and the red portion of the bar is the confirmed and probable cases.


Figure 3 shows that the number of daily tests reported in Pennsylvania today is 13,150. The seven-day average for testing continues to rise in the state.


Figure 3. COVID-19 Daily Testing in Pennsylvania: Bars represent the number of tests reported each day and the red line shows the seven-day average number of tests conducted in Pennsylvania.


Figure 4 shows that the proportion of daily positive tests has been generally declining since since mid-April.


Figure 4. Positive Daily Tests. Dots show the proportion of positive tests by date.



Lancaster County

Lancaster County’s seven-day case rate has yet to show a steady and consistent decline unlike the state.


Figure 5. COVID-19 in Lancaster County: Red line shows the seven-day average number of confirmed and probable cases and the bars represent the number of newly confirmed and probable cases each day.


Click here to view the Detailed Coronavirus Indicator Table


1Updated data appears at noon daily on this web site https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Cases.aspx and archival data are provided here https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Archives.aspx. The state began including confirmed and probable cases to total case counts on April 21.

2Readers interested in understanding how current data is affected by unknown issues associated with testing are encouraged to read this analysis: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/coronavirus-case-counts-are-meaningless/.