Focus Groups

Focus groups are a valuable method of studying a population's attitudes and opinions in-depth. This is a form of qualitative research, and may be used alone, or along with a quantitative survey, such as a telephone or web survey. During a focus group, a moderator asks open-ended questions that are discussed by all participants. Small groups are best; generally, a focus group will have between 10 and 12 participants. We can help with all areas of your focus group project, from design and recruitment through analysis. A focus group can be held at our location, or we can come to a location that is closer to where your participants reside, if necessary. Our state-of-the-art focus group facility is also available for rent, should you simply need a specially designed space for holding your already planned group.

Design and Recruitment
Our project managers are experienced in helping clients design effective focus groups; as with our quantitative surveys, we work closely with you, helping to identify your needs and questions. For focus group recruitment, we use specially trained interviewers who are experienced in this important skill. Participants are usually recruited by telephone and are screened for appropriateness using a short questionnaire.

Moderating and Observing
Our director and project managers are also highly experienced focus group moderators. Using a well-designed moderator's guide, they can lead and direct discussion to create an atmosphere where issues are discussed in-depth. You are able to monitor the group from our client observation room which has a two-way mirror. The session will also be recorded using either audio or dvd. We will then transcribe the session and analyze the results.

Facility Rental
Our new focus group facility was specifically designed to provide a comfortable, professional setting for conducting successful focus groups. The focus group room is fully computerized and has complete audio-visual resources, including cameras, large wall-mounted monitor, and both audio and dvd recording capability. Other amenities include executive seating for up to 12 participants, telephone/modem and wireless computer connections, and built-in white board. The adjacent client observation area has a one-way mirror, wall monitor, and telephone and wireless computer connections. A lounge area and kitchen are also available for staff and client use. We are happy to discuss rental rates and arrangements with you. Please contact our director, Berwood Yost; click here to be directed to our contact information page.