The majority of the Center's research projects—often as many as 50 each year—are telephone, mail, or web surveys. Other projects include focus groups and depth interviews, which are conducted in-person or on the phone.

We also conduct program evaluations, community health assessments, and other projects that use, in addition to surveys, existing statistical data. Such data can include U.S. census and tax information, demographic and geographic statistics, student test scores, and similar data.

In addition to conducting survey research on behalf of clients, we also pursue scholarly research, primarily in the focus areas of healthcare, education, public policy, and voting behavior. We also study the methodologies and mechanisms of survey research itself.

Over the years, we have published many papers based on our scholarly and survey research. Please follow the links (hover your mouse over the "Projects and Publications" title on the floating toolbar above) to learn more about our research and publications.


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