Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the United States.

¿Hablas español?

For over 100 years, the Faculty in the Department of Spanish and Linguistics has been preparing students for success in a multilingual world. In our classes, we learn through culture, collaboration and reflection:


  • Our language courses incorporate relevant and current social debates through the news, art, history, film, music and literature.
  • Our small class size which creates an atmosphere of discussion and close collaboration between students and faculty.
  • We foster intellectual engagement across the Spanish curriculum by offering students the tools to reflect critically on the cultural practices, products and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world and their own.



Learn through Innovation

Our faculty is deeply engaged in creating innovative learning environments that reflect advances within our fields of expertise and in second-language pedagogy. Our students use a range of multimedia tools including smart classrooms, blogs, videocasts, and podcasts to enhance their learning experience and promote language proficiency.

Our cutting-edge  Spanish Writing Center supports Spanish majors and minors as they develop advanced-level writing skills. By the time they graduate, our majors and minors have had ample opportunities to develop sophisticated, thesis-driven essays supported with evidence from primary and secondary sources.


Spanish Language Writing Center

The Taller de Escritura teaches writing through collaboration; we partner with instructors and work with students at the individual level to develop their written expression. 

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Innovations in Teaching

All classes are designed to maximize your opportunities to practice Spanish in creative and engaging ways. Click here to learn more about  what's happening in our curriculum!

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Spanish Tutoring Program

We are here to support your positive and successful experience in Spanish!  All appointments are held virtually. Our tutors can help you clarify material and prepare for exams.

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Learn through Exploration

From day one, Spanish majors and minors are actively engaged in developing practical speaking, reading and writing skills beyond the classroom.

We provide internships and volunteer opportunities to use Spanish in the local community, and study abroad is a goal for all of our students. To learn more about our Community Based Learning Program and Summer Travel Grants for Spanish Majors, read on!

Community Based Learning

Community-Based Learning opportunities in the Spanish Department include activities organized in classes and as well as off-campus. 

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Student Research

The Bilingualism Lab is run by Prof. Jessica Cox and includes undergraduate student researchers from Spanish, Linguistics, and other related fields.

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Summer Travel Grant

Want to travel to a Spanish speaking country for summer research?  Click here to learn about past projects and how to apply!

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F&M Summer Travel Programs

In 2014, the Spanish department started its own Summer Study Abroad Summer Program in an effort to provide our majors and minors with the rigorous academic experience we offer at F&M while living in a Spanish-speaking country.

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Honors in Spanish

Sigma Delta Pi

The Rho Iota chapter of the national Spanish Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi recognizes excellence in the work of Spanish majors.  

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Honors in Spanish

Students seeking honors will develop a substantial research project within an independent study course resulting in a high-caliber thesis.     

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News and Events

Story 5/13/2023

Faculty Distinguished Service Award Citation in Honor of Kim...

Professor Kim Armstrong’s 34 years of tireless dedication and service to the Spanish & Linguistics Department, and to the college community as a whole, are undeniable.  

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Story 5/5/2023

Senior Spotlight: Brenda Garcia

Brenda Garcia discusses how the F&M Softball team taught her important life skills, such as teamwork, time management, and discipline. 

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Story 12/1/2022

Rouse Scholar Turns Adversity into Curiosity

Stricken with a mysterious illness in high school, sophomore Sara Beqiraj took adversity and spun it into curiosity. Meet the 2022 Rouse Scholar. 

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