With over 330 million speakers in the United States and around the world, knowledge of Spanish is a real advantage to a Franklin & Marshall Graduate.

Learn through culture

Our professors are dedicated to bringing the Spanish language to you through culture; art, history, film, music, and literature are part of our language courses.

Learn through collaboration

Most classes in the department have between five and eighteen students, which fosters an atmosphere of class discussion and close collaboration between students and faculty.

Learn through reflection

In all our classes we strive to foster critical thinking by offering students the theoretical and critical tools to explore the cultural traditions of Latin America and Spain.

 Learn through Innovation 

In the Franklin & Marshall Spanish program, students use a range of multimedia tools (smart classrooms, blogs, videocasts, podcasts) to enhance their learning experience. We also have a Spanish Writing Center that provides assistance in style and grammar for upper level literature students 

Taller De Escritura (Spanish Language Writing Center)

The purpose of the Taller de Escritura is to teach writing through collaboration; we partner with instructors teaching the core courses in the Spanish major and, work with students at the individual level as they seek to improve their written expression. 

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Innovations in Teaching

All classes are designed to give students maximal opportunities to practice Spanish. 

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Spanish Tutoring Program

We are here to support your positive and successful experience in Spanish!   

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Learn through Exploration

Learning may start in the classroom, but it never ends there. From the first class, Spanish majors are actively engaged in developing practical speaking, reading and writing skills.

We provide internships and volunteer opportunities to use Spanish in the local community, and study abroad is a goal for all of our students. There are also Summer Travel Grants for Spanish Majors.

Community Based Learning Opportunities

Spring 2015 Opportunities

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Summer Travel Awards and Study Abroad

Award: $3000 for summer research travel in a Spanish speaking country. (Research can be combined with a short period of study). 

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Story 7/27/2016

Can Living With Two Languages Make You Smarter?

To determine whether there are cognitive benefits to being bilingual, a Franklin & Marshall College professor and her Hackman student scholar are examining research participants in areas such as...

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Story 5/4/2016

Three Fulbright Awards Among 12 Fellowships Earned by F&M...

Franklin & Marshall College, named a "top producer" of Fulbright scholars in 2014, produced three more this spring, as well as nine other scholarly fellows.

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Story 4/27/2016

Senior Spotlight: Bonding With New Friends Made F&M...

Cristina Diez: "F&M has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and, most importantly, my best friends." 

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Story 12/4/2015

Off-Campus Study: Ariana Solodar-Wincele '16

Anthropology and Spanish major studies on the IFSA-Butler Mendoza Universities program in Argentina. 

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Story 11/6/2015

400 Years Later, Still Tilting at Windmills

His name is Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, and to honor what is considered one of the greatest works in Spanish literature — the now 400-year-old "Don Quixote" — Franklin & Marshall College's Spanish...

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