A major in Spanish at Franklin & Marshall College:

1. Cultural literacy:  appreciation and understanding of the richness, diversity and complexity of the Spanish-speaking world through engagement with its cultural production/artifacts; ability to reflect upon one’s own culture through comparisons with Spanish-speaking cultures.

2. Linguistic proficiency: ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in a variety of linguistic registers and in different modes of   communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.

3. Content knowledge: familiarity with relevant historical periods, cultural traditions, social issues, artistic movements, major authors, representative text/works and figures of the Spanish-speaking world (Spain, Latin America, and the United States).

4. Analytical competence: ability to read critically and interpret analytically different cultural artifacts, including literature, media, visual arts, etc.; ability to form well-organized, sophisticated, evidence-based arguments about these artifacts, both orally and in writing.

5. Methodological proficiency:  command of analytical methodologies, such as close reading, socio-historical contextualization, ability to utilize literary analysis strategies and scholarly research skills and tools.