Taller De Escritura (Spanish Writing Center) 

The Taller de Escritura aims to teach writing through collaboration; we partner with instructors teaching core courses in the Spanish major and, work individually with students to improve their written expression.

Students can schedule one-on-one, in-person meetings through our calendar. During these sessions, professors review student papers and offer suggestions to improve organization,  clarity and writing style, specific to the Spanish language.

For further information, please see the FAQs or contact the Spanish Writing Center Director Ana  M. Anderson 

The purpose of the Taller de Escritura is to teach writing through collaboration; we partner with instructors teaching the core courses in the Spanish major and, work with students at the individual level as they seek to improve their written expression.

We are currently involved in integrative projects with SPA221 Spanish Literature and Cultureand SPA261 Hispanic Literature and Analysis, as well as conducting in-class workshops, and individual tutorials for other 300 and 400 level courses. Our modes of collaboration with Spanish courses differ depending on the class and its needs; this may range from remote implementation of blended-learning instructional materials and testing tools, to semester-long writing courses purposely designed to run parallel to a designated literature class.

Students can also schedule one-on-one meetings via our calendar. These sessions can be face-to-face or online. During these sessions, our collaborating professors go over student papers and present suggestions to improve the overall paragraph and sentence level organization and clarity, as well as micro-level grammar-related issues.

You may find additional useful information about us under the FAQ section.


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1. Will the instructor at the Spanish Writing Center correct my grammar?

The instructors’ main focus during Spanish writing sessions is on issues such as organization, clarity, and style, not grammar.  Instructors will only point out grammatical errors if they are repetitive or interfere with comprehension.

Please understand that the main goal of your visit is to receive feedback from a reader similar to your intended audience, with the ultimate goal of strengthening your writing skills according to specific Spanish language conventions.

2. Can I bring a draft that is not complete?

We require that students bring complete drafts. While drafts that are nearly finished could be acceptable in some cases, the instructor will not provide feedback if you only bring an outline or disconnected fragments of text.

3. Can you help me find a topic for my paper?

Unfortunately, no. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate topic, please speak with the professor whose class you are writing the paper for.

4. Will you look at my entire paper?

This will depend on the length of your paper and how easily it reads.

Our instructors will do their best to provide feedback on the entire document. However, depending on the writing and the challenges the paper presents, instructors may need to engage in a discussion with you before they have finished reading the document in full. Please note that if a paper presents severe structural problems that impede comprehension, the instructor may provide you with some initial feedback to work on and end the visit before time is up.

5. What if I would like to come back after implementing a first round of feedback?

Unless otherwise specified by your professor, and contingent upon appointment availability, you can sign up for a second appointment and have your paper looked at again.

6. Can instructors gauge the quality of my paper?

Our instructors can gauge the quality of your writing but they will in no way emit judgments as to the content of your paper. This means that while we can assist you with the articulation of your ideas, we will not evaluate the quality of the ideas themselves.