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We are here to support your positive and successful experience in Spanish!

Tutoring sessions are intended for 100 and 200 level language students and offer a low-anxiety environment in which to ask questions, prepare for exams and discuss concerns one-on-one with a peer tutor.

All you have to do is contact one of our collaborating tutors to set up an appointment (see below).

The fine print: Please be aware that tutors cannot help you write your compositions, as receiving help from a more advanced student for written work constitutes a violation of the college's honor code.

                                                     Meet Our Tutors!



Daniel Grossman

¡Hola! My name is Daniel Grossman, and I am a senior here at F&M with a double major in history and Spanish. Spanish has been an important part of my education for a long time, but in college it’s become much more personal as well. I’ve developed close relationships with my professors in the Spanish department, I studied abroad in Valparaíso, Chile in the fall of my junior year, and this past summer, my internship allowed me to become much more connected to the Lancaster City community, especially its Hispanic residents.

Spanish can be difficult; it still is for me sometimes. But that’s why I want to be a tutor: so that I can help you get past the difficult part and improve on this language. Once you do, it opens up a lot of doors that you might not expect.

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Allison Shockley

¡Hola! Soy Allison. I’m a junior from Kansas, majoring in English Literature and Spanish! I love to read, write, travel, and teach...especially in Spanish. I believe that the language is a very important part of American culture and have been taking it for nine years. I would love to help you through anything you need, even if it's just practicing a conversation in Spanish or recommending telenovelas or Latin@ music to get your ears used to the language. I'm also a writing center tutor and would be able to help with large-order, organizational concerns as well as Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Please let me know how I can help!

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Vicente Brambila

“¡Hola! My name is Vicente Brambila, and I am a Joint Economics-Government major with a minor in Spanish. As a native speaker, Spanish has always been an active language in my life. At Franklin and Marshall College, I have completed multiple literature and culture courses from “hispanic-landia.” With this in mind, my experience as a native-speaker extends my abilities with the language, which have broadened even more at Franklin and Marshall College. As a spanish minor I traveled to Madrid, Spain with the Spanish department where we studied multiple aspects de la literatura y cultura españolas with a focus on the city of Madrid. I can offer anything from grammar tutoring  to something as simple as a spanish conversation that can benefit to your verbal skills. As much excitement as I have to help, I am also excited to learn from you. Spanish is a language I use daily, and I now want to challenge my abilities by answering questions tutees may have regarding the language.

“¡Hola! Mi nombre es Vicente Brambila, y mi especialidad en Franklin and Marshall College es  un Joint Major en Economics-Government y una subespecialidad en español. Como hispanohablante de herencia, el español siempre ha sido parte de mi vida. En la universidad, me he matriculado en múltiples cursos de literatura y cultura de “hispanolandia.” Mi experiencia con el español es compleja en casa, como lo es en clase. Como Spanish minor he viajado a España con el departamento de español donde estudiamos ciertos rasgos de la literatura y cultura española con un enfoque en la ciudad de Madrid. Yo puedo ofrecer tutoría en cuestiones de gramática o simplemente una charla en español para la práctica verbal.  Con la emoción de ayudar, también viene la emoción de aprender de los mismos estudiantes. El español ha sido un aspecto cotidiano en mi vida, y me quiero retar con las preguntas que tengan ustedes sobre la lengua.

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