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F&M Grad Shows How Anything is Possible with a Liberal Arts Degree

Recent Franklin & Marshall College graduate said she credits the College and her liberal arts degree for landing a position in an industry she thought was out of reach.

Hannah Breedlove '22 never would have predicted her post-graduate journey would lead her to live entertainment.

"Music has always been a passion of mine, but my majors were history and classics — nothing related to the industry," she said.

Yet Breedlove felt empowered to apply to positions in the industry after taking a course, Designing Your Future, with Beth Throne, senior associate dean of student affairs.

"I began to imagine a version of myself that could work in that environment," she said. "I was excited but not very confident that I could land something right out of college with the little experience I had in live entertainment."

To Breedlove's surprise, she was invited to interview with Rock Lititz. In that setting, she said, she was able to shine thanks to the mentoring she received from F&M's Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development. The hiring manager asked her questions like: How does a history major translate to working in events production? What strengths do you feel you could bring to our team in the office? Why do you want this job?

"I felt prepared to answer those questions!" she said. "I talked about the value of my liberal arts education from F&M, my character strengths and how they relate to the office culture and working in a team, and how the skills from my history and classics majors make me a quick learner even in a field I have less experience in so far."

Breedlove landed the position as project coordinator with ChoiceLIVE, a company with Rock Lititz.

In a recent message to Throne, Breedlove said, "I really credit you and F&M as a whole with my success in finding and securing this kind of job opportunity that I'm enjoying now. I'm incredibly grateful."


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