Committees are made up of Franklin & Marshall College's faculty, professional staff and students.

Implementation Planning Group (Phase 2)

Alan Caniglia, Strategic Initiatives, Co-chair

Gretchel Hathaway, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Co-chair

Matthew Eynon, Advancement

Jimmie Foster, Admission

Malcolm Green Haynes, Finance

Margaret Hazlett, Student Affairs

Kelseyleigh Hepler, President's Office

Alison Hobbs, Student Affairs

Courtnee Jordan-Cox, Student Affairs

Stephen Medvic, Government

Sue Mennicke, Student Affairs

David Merli, Philosophy

Gretchen Meyers, Classics, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Kate Plass , Chemistry

Debra Saporetti, English

Michael Todd, Finance & Adminstration

Scott Vine, College Library

Cam Wesson, Academic Affairs

Individuals interested in contributing to the implementation planning process are encouraged to  contact the Implementation Planning Group co-chairs to discuss opportunities to get involved.


Planning Area Groups (Phase 1)


  • Cam Wesson, Provost's Office, co-chair
  • Kate Plass, Chemistry, co-chair
  • Meg Day, English
  • Carol DeWet, Earth and Environment
  • Lisa Gasbarrone, French & Francophone Studies, Don of Brooks College House
  • Scott Smith, Anthropology
  • Teb Locke, Instructional and Emerging Technologies
  • Lisa Stillwell, Library
  • Sandra Lee, Art and Art History
  • Bryan Stinchfield, BOS
  • Donna Sheehan, Admission
  • Amanda Leonard ’22

Resources (Financial, Physical, Human)

  • Mike Todd, Finance and Administration, co-chair
  • Scott Vine, Library, co-chair
  • Malcolm Haynes, Finance and Administration
  • Lina Ospina, Provost's Office
  • Mike Wetzel, Facilities Management
  • Melanie DeSantis, Human Resources
  • Dan Ardia, Biology
  • Danel Dragulijc, Mathematics
  • Michael Clapper, Art and Art History
  • Carrie Rampp, ITS
  • Nicole Fickes, Psychology
  • Nic Auwaerter, Facilities Management
  • Erin Maxwell ’23

Student Success

  • Jimmie Foster, Enrollment Management, co-chair
  • Sonia Elliott, Office of Student and PostGraduate Development, co-chair
  • Margaret Hazlett, Student Affairs
  • Kristen Krista, College Advancement
  • Chris Alexander, Institutional Research
  • Sue Mennicke, International Programs
  • Kabi Hartman, English and Provost's Office
  • Maura Umble, President's Office
  • Ken Hess, Chemistry
  • Nancy Kurland, BOS
  • Ahmed Abukwaik ’22


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Gretchel Hathaway, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, co-chair
  • Chelsea Reimann, Women's Center and LGBTQ Student Life, co-chair
  • Courtney Jordan-Cox, Student Affairs
  • Christopher Raab, Library
  • Shawn Carty, Athletics and Recreation
  • Amy Mulnix, Faculty Center
  • Bill McHale, Public Safety
  • Pierce Buller, General Counsel's Office
  • Nadia Mann, International Programs
  • Salina Almanzar, Art and Art History
  • Carlota Batres, Psychology
  • Kim Bryan, Admission
  • Jennifer Morford, Chemistry
  • Munahil Sultana ’24

Advancement and External Impact

  • Matthew Eynon, College Advancement, co-chair
  • Lauren Packer Webster, Athletics and Recreation, co-chair
  • Barb Stambaugh, College Communications, co-chair
  • Kostis Kourelis, Art and Art History
  • Stephen Medvic, Government
  • Meredith Bashaw, Psychology
  • Lukman Arsalan, Admission
  • Sue Mennicke, International Programs
  • John Troxell, Athletics and Recreation
  • Ali Husaini ’22


Steering Committee

  • Alan Caniglia, Strategic Initiatives Office, co-chair
  • Peter Fields, Biology, co-chair
  • Mary Ann Levine, Anthropology and Don of Bonchek College House
  • David Merli, Philosophy
  • Kate Plass, co-chair Academics
  • Sonia Elliott, co-chair Student Success
  • Matthew Eynon, co-chair Advancement and External Impact
  • Scott Vine, co-chair Resources
  • Gretchel Hathaway, co-chair Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Kelseyleigh Hepler, President's Office
  • Debra Saporetti, English
  • Shubh Punj '21