The GOLD Chapter Challenge has Gone Global!

The points on this map show where GOLD alumni are located around the world. This year, All GOLD alumni, from New Mexico to New Zealand, were invited to join the challenge.

Thank you for helping to shape Franklin & Marshall's future by participating in the GOLD Chapter Challenge!

Thanks so much to those of you who made a gift in March! And if you didn't, it's never too late to make a gift  to support current F&M students. 




Gold Chapter Challenge 2016

Check out how your team stacked up in the 2016 GOLD Chapter Challenge! 

Why GOLD Giving Matters

Graduates Of the Last Decade — our GOLD alumni — are our future and will define F&M's legacy. You are leaders. Thinkers. Creators. Innovators. You ask the questions and unlock the solutions that will shape society for generations to come.

Your gift is necessary because the cost of educating each F&M student — even those not on financial aid — far exceeds what's reflected in tuition and fees. The Franklin & Marshall Fund supports the College's most pressing priorities, including financial aid that helps attract and enroll the broadest range of talented students and future leaders. Your gift will ensure that every student can benefit from a world-class education at F&M, just as you did.

A strong alumni giving rate, especially among GOLD alumni, also plays a critical role in bolstering F&M's standing among the nation's best liberal arts colleges.

Your gift is your voice  it's your way to shout, "I'm F&M Proud!" We hope you'll join your fellow F&M alumni in supporting your alma mater by making a gift during March 2015's GOLD Chapter Challenge, which puts all GOLD Chapters against each other as they compete for the highest participation in giving. Every gift, no matter its size, makes a difference.

You can designate your gift to financial aid, an academic department, an athletic team or another area that made your F&M experience meaningful. You also can make a gift in honor of a professor, coach or other individual who played an important role in your F&M experience.


F&M Proud

A Look Back at F&M Proud: GOLD Chapter Challenge 2014

At the close of the 2014 GOLD Chapter Challenge, an incredible 619 young alumni in the six participating chapters had made gifts to F&M. Together, the College's young alumni have made a profound contribution, financially and simply through the act of their participation, to their alma mater and their future fellow alumni. 

The Metro Washington, D.C., Chapter achieved the highest rate of participation and the Maryland Regional Chapter was the most improved! Both were rewarded with celebration events in the fall of 2014.

Over the six weeks during which the challenge took place, the six competing chapters collectively raised their giving rate by six percentage points — from 16 percent at the start on April 1 to 22 percent by the end of the challenge on May 10.

Check out the charts below to see how the six participating regions stacked up during the 2014 challenge!