Welcome D.C. Alumni!

The Washington, D.C., Regional Chapter has the fourth-largest concentration of F&M alumni nationwide -- more than 1,800. It consists of  Washington, D.C., and its suburbs in southern Maryland and northern Virginia.​ Get involved today!

To get involved as a volunteer or learn more about exciting activities in Washington, D.C., contact Jenn Gallagher, assistant director of alumni relations, at 717-358-4792 or jenn.gallagher@fandm.edu

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Upcoming Events:

Whisky Tasting with Lew Bryson '81, P'16
Saturday, Feb. 22, in Washington D.C.
Enjoy a fabulous evening with Lew Bryson ’81, P’16 and other members of the F&M community as Lew shares his expertise (and whisky – the spelling Lew uses!). 
Click here for more information and to register.

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