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Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) are an important part of the Franklin & Marshall community, representing nearly 20 percent of the F&M alumni population. As a GOLD alumnus or alumna, there are numerous ways for you to stay engaged with the College and continue to make #truebluefandm memories for the rest of your life! Check out all the exciting opportunities available to GOLD alumni below.

Regional Chapters 

Stay Involved in Your Area!

Get involved in one of our 25 regional alumni chapters around the world. Throughout the year, each chapter hosts social events such as faculty speakers, cultural experiences,  professional networking, social activities and athletic events. 

Find your chapter!
OSPGD for Alumni 

You know you've got that True Blue Spirit and we hope you know that the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development's (OSPGD) resources and services are always available to you. You'll find ways to stay up-to-date with our office and utilize some of OSPGD's resources that will help you keep in touch with old and new friends and continue your professional career.


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Chimpanzee Study Has Implications for Evolution of...

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Story 10/28/2019

Autumn Colors and a Community Engaged for True Blue Weekend

A touch of autumn's colors and cool, crisp air welcomed students, parents and alumni to Franklin & Marshall College’s Oct. 25-27 True Blue Weekend and Homecoming traditions, from football to the...

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Alumni Profile

Alumni Profile Steve Ulrich ’82 and Jennifer Dubow ’04 Many student-athletes want to stay active in sports after graduation, but few Franklin & Marshall grads have been linked to collegiate...

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