Learning Objectives 

1.  Classics majors will be conversant in the events, individuals, literature and monuments of  the ancient world.

  • Students will place classical texts and material evidence within the historical framework of the Greek and Roman worlds
  • Students will read Greek and Latin texts (as appropriate to level based on major track) with a proficient knowledge of grammar and syntax and with an appropriate understanding of language and meaning.
  • Students will identify and assess monuments and artifacts within Greek and Roman cultural contexts.   

2.  Classics majors will understand the multidisciplinary nature of the study of the ancient world.

  • Students will critically assess evidence from the Greek and Roman world by integrating primary source material with historical, literary and archaeological methodologies (as appropriate to major track).


3.   Classics majors will be able to use standard resources to research questions about the ancient world, including secondary sources, digital humanities resources, commentaries and dictionaries.

  • Students will present well-reasoned oral and written arguments about topics from the ancient world based on primary evidence and secondary scholarship.
  • Students will develop a critical understanding about the ancient world through application of diverse approaches to ancient evidence.