Story 10/10/2017

Tom Cole: Using Classics in a Law Career

When I told family friends that I was majoring in the Classics, I got worried looks.  When I told...

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Story 5/9/2017

Ancient Rhetoric Performances

Professor Fowler's Ancient Rhetoric class gives final orations.

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Story 4/24/2017

Classics and Physics Professors Collaborate to Invent...

The fields of classics and physics intersect in a parking lot, where two F&M professors agreed to...

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Story 2/14/2017

Jenny's Research of Ancient Graffiti in Rome

From this project, I was able to learn what common Roman citizens valued. Children, like children...

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Story 1/9/2017

Seeing The Common Roman Through Roman Graffiti

From the catacombs of Rome to the volcanic hills of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius, a Franklin & Marshall...

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Story 9/8/2016

F&M Helps Celebrate Tuscany’s "Day of the Etruscans"

In Florence, Italy, they are celebrating the discovery of a large sandstone slab inscribed with an...

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Story 6/15/2016

Examining the Habits of Mind

Associate Professor of Philosophy Lee Franklin guides first-year F&M students through a lesson in...

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Story 6/7/2016

Classics Major Receives Fulbright Award

Franklin and Marshall student, Caitlin Stanton, has received a prestigious place on a Fulbright...

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Story 4/6/2016

Inaugural Student Research Conference Explores Ethics,...

A group of history and philosophy majors organized the Student Research Conference, where 17...

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