Classics Department Summer Travel Award 

This award, established by the late Dean of the College Bradley R. Dewey in 1986, is open to a sophomore who, before March 6, 2022 and in consultation with the Department Chair, Professor Zachary Biles, declares a major or minor in Greek, Latin, or Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. Preference will be given to majors. The award will be in the amount of $3,000.


Any carefully planned combination of study and educational travel outside the United States is eligible for submission. Previous winners have designed study-projects that brought them to the lands of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Your idea for your project should be your own, but you should consult with Classics faculty for advice.


Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs for advice regarding the logistics of their proposal. Those who intend to participate in an organized program for credit offered by an institution other than Franklin & Marshall must first check with the Office of International Programs to make sure that it has been approved. The successful applicant is required to attend pre-departure programs conducted by the Office of International Programs.


Application forms may be obtained in the Classics Department office or downloaded from our website at Your application must be submitted to the Classics Department office, by 12:00 noon on March 18, 2022. 



  1. A one-page “F&M Summer Foreign Study/Travel Awards Application”, available online.

  2. A two-page statement (500-750 words) presenting your reasons for undertaking the proposed plan, its academic and non-academic components, the dates you would be abroad, and your projected itinerary. For independent research projects (i.e., as opposed to participation in organized programs), attached to the statement should be a short bibliography of at least five (5) items, including books, articles, and ancient sources that you will use in the course of your research.  The statement must include footnotes or parenthetical references to the works cited in the bibliography.

  3. A completed budget form, including all anticipated expenses, even those that will be covered by other sources.



  1. Your proposal should be formulated only after consultation with a Classics Department faculty member.

  2. Preference will be given to proposals involving independent travel.


The winner will be selected in late March 2022 and announced to the college community at the Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. On return, the recipient will prepare a brief summary report of how travel funds were utilized toward their research, as well as final results of their research project. If desired, the student may also share their experience in an oral presentation to any interested campus group or through a poster at the Autumn Research Fair.


Research from Summer Travel Award Winner

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