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2022 Honorary Degree Recipients

F&M's 2022 Honorary Degree Recipients are Nadia Chaudhri '99 (1978 - 2021); Peter Feigin '92; and Allison O'Toole '93.

Remarks by Commencement Speaker Viet Thanh Nguyen

"Expect failure along the way. Forgive yourself for failing. Realize that failing can be learning. Each time I failed, I was one step closer to finding my voice."

Remarks by F&M President Barbara K. Altmann

"Graduates of 2022, you are literally surrounded by people who love you and care for you. I salute you. I am humbled and heartened by what I've learned from you and alongside you. Despite everything — because of everything — you've done it. After our four years of surviving and thriving, you are close to my heart."

Remarks by 2022 Williamson Medalist Hailan Yu

"We, the graduating class, have learned that there are so many people by our side in this difficult journey. The pandemic brought us tremendous loss, but it also bonded us closer together, and this strong network is going to be a lifelong source of support no matter where we go."

Citation Recognizing 2022 Williamson Medalist Hailan Yu

The Williamson Medal is the highest student award presented each year at Franklin & Marshall’s Commencement. This year, the Williamson Medal is awarded to Hailan Yu.

Citation Recognizing Honorary Degree Recipient Nadia Chaudhri '99

The late Nadia Chaudhri was a professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, where she researched drug and alcohol abuse. She was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, but moved to the United States at age 17. She graduated from Franklin & Marshall in 1999, majoring in biological foundations of behavior with a concentration in neuroscience. She earned the Williamson Medal as the most outstanding graduate of her class.

Citation Recognizing Honorary Degree Recipient Peter Feigin '92

Peter Feigin, president of the National Basketball Association's Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum since 2014, graduated from Franklin & Marshall in 1992 as an American studies major. He captained the men's soccer team and was a writer for The College Reporter. His twin brother, Dan, also graduated from the College.

Citation Recognizing Honorary Degree Recipient Allison O'Toole '93

Allison O'Toole, Esquire, the chief executive officer of Second Harvest Heartland for the past three years, graduated from Franklin & Marshall in 1993, majoring in political science and art history. She later earned her juris doctorate from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minn.

Citation in Honor of Carol de Wet, 2022 Recipient of the Bradley R. Dewey Award for Outstanding Scholarship

Professor Carol de Wet is a geoscientist whose research program has inspired undergraduates to pursue their intellectual curiosity while interpreting geologic evidence to expand our understanding of the ancient Earth.

Citation in Honor of Jennifer Redmann, 2022 Recipient of the Christian R. and Mary E. Lindback Foundation Award

Professor Jennifer Redmann is a widely recognized expert in curriculum development and German program building. She was the very deserving recipient of the American Association of Teachers of German’s 2020 Outstanding Educator Award, the organization’s highest honor.

Citation in Honor of Kenneth R. Hess, 2022 Recipient of the Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Professor Kenneth R. Hess is a valued colleague in the Department of Chemistry who is student-focused in all that he does as evident through his teaching, mentoring, scholarship, and service. As noted by one of his colleagues, “He has spent his career thinking about how to make things better for students.”

Socrates Citation in Honor of Misty Bastian

In 1995, a recently minted Ph.D. from the University of Chicago materialized in Lancaster to forever transform Franklin & Marshall College and the Department of Anthropology. For nearly three decades, Misty Bastian has enriched the intellectual life of F&M, cultivated excellence in our students, and inspired her colleagues through her passionate commitment to the liberal arts.

Socrates Citation in Honor of Antonio G. Callari

Professor Callari's teaching, research, service and community activism all have been driven by a commitment to social justice, desire to create space for marginalized voices, and a deep compassion for others.

Socrates Citation in Honor of Carol de Wet

Carol de Wet is a model of the teacher-scholar: excelling in the classroom, working with research students, and having a highly successful career. Her intellectual curiosity is infectious; students love her enthusiasm for teaching, but she sets high standards for them, expecting them to achieve their greatest potential.

Socrates Citation in Honor of Robert Gethner

Robert Gethner received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in 1982 and earned a position at F&M in 1987 with the help of what a colleague recalls as a “perfect” job talk about Isaac Newton, calculus and rainbows. His mathematical scholarship is broad, ranging from highly theoretical work on power series coefficients in complex analysis, to differential equation models in climatology, to mathematical pedagogy

Socrates Citation in Honor of Stanley A. Mertzman

On June 30, 2022, Professor Mertzman will have completed 50 years at F&M. He considers himself fortunate to have worked with many excellent students on research involving igneous and metamorphic rocks. Professor Mertzman is thankful they chose him as a mentor and collaborator.

Socrates Citation in Honor of Glenn Ross

Glenn Ross leaves F&M with a distinguished record of service, having served as a member of many committees, including two stints on the Professional Standards Committee, Secretary of the Faculty, Chair of Philosophy for a decade, President of F&M’s AAUP chapter, and Chair of Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind, one of F&M’s most distinctive programs and one that Professor Ross helped establish.

Socrates Citation in Honor of Kerry Whiteside

Professor Kerry Whiteside is a model of scholarly inquiry, integrity and engagement whose unassuming demeanor belies the impact he has had on generations of students, faculty and staff.