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Diplomat Digital connects alumni, parents and community members to F&M on your time and in your space. Diplomat Digital meets you where you are. Experience and enjoy opportunities for life-learning, professional development, reconnection, and engagement. We bring F&M to you. Below you will find convenient access to discussions with our alumni and world-renowned speakers as well as campus resources in just one click.  Follow our Alumni Relations accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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F&M Alumni Arts Review
F&M is publishing its ninth and final volume of the Alumni Arts Review. Titled and themed "BOUND,"   this last publication explores the many meanings that emerge from the word.  Over the years, the issues have showcased literary and visual works created by our very own alumni. 

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Volume XI: Bound

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On-Demand Programming

F&M: On the Road

We bring F&M programming from around the globe to you digitally! Check out our expert faculty and alumni sharing their experiences ranging from working professionally in television to a historic overview of Pennsylvania's antiques.  

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Common Hour

Missed out on the college's Common Hour?  Every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 12:35 p.m., this event brings the campus community together to engage in dialogue-inducing cultural and academic topics lead by feature keynote speakers.  

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OSPGD Alumni Webinars

Gain professional insights and inspiration from the comfort of your home or office! Check out OSPGD's Alumni Webinar Series which features hour-long presentations from our graduates. 

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Digital Newsstand & Radio 

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How to Give Back to F&M

Your gifts make an immediate impact on Franklin & Marshall -- on its students, faculty, campus, and enduring legacy. You can make a difference in each aspect of the student experience. Choose what inspires you to give.

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The Pulse

Story 7/8/2020

F&M Part of Research Team That Discovered Unusual Binary...

A Franklin & Marshall physics professor is part of an international research team whose discovery of an unusual pulsar has led to an important breakthrough in how scientists understand dead-star...

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Story 7/1/2020

F&M Senior Takes the Musical Road Less Traveled

Enjoying a virtual internship with SiriusXM, senior Vanessa Robustelli notes how her F&M music courses helped her discover career paths she had not considered. 

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Story 6/29/2020

F&M Builds Bridge to Campus for Students From China

With pandemic restrictions and consular closures expected to keep first-year international students from traveling to the United States this fall, Franklin & Marshall College decided to reach,...

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