As a community, Franklin & Marshall College is addressing issues related to racism and identity. 

Students and faculty have expressed their concerns and, together with the administration, are collaborating on lasting solutions to these critically important social issues. We support our students’ right to protest and firmly believe that we can launch F&M to a better place, one that will make the College a truly welcoming and inclusive campus for all.

We are proud of our students for making their voices heard, and we are proud of F&M’s tradition of nonviolent protest. 

Messages to the Community

Messages to the F&M Community from President Altmann related to diversity and inclusion on campus. ​

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Action Tracking

The Action Tracking List includes other updates on steps taken that were not specifically included in President Altmann's letter.  

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Action Steps

The Action Steps from Letter to the Community presents the content shared by President Altmann in a spreadsheet format for easier tracking of progress.  

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Valuing Diversity at F&M 

Our commitment to valuing diversity requires that all members from the F&M community work toward inclusive excellence. This means that ALL members of the community - students, faculty, and staff - contribute to the larger goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity. By diversity, we mean the concept of representation, participation, integration, and interaction of individuals from different races, ethnicities, nations of origin, gender identities and sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, age, ability, and religion while also recognizing that all of us have multiple identities.


LGBTQ+ life, scholarship, pedagogy, and outreach

At Franklin & Marshall, LGBTQ+ faculty, students, staff, and their allies are committed to working toward greater awareness, visibility, and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.  


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