Overview of Economics at F&M

Our curriculum better prepares F&M students with a broader realm of knowledge from which to draw throughout their careers. It also distinguishes our majors as they enter the professional world or graduate school, leading to top-level placements.

We offer truly impressive opportunities to work closely with faculty members in highly specialized courses and one-to-one tutorials.

Seniors who have exhibited outstanding scholarship gain access to independent research and study opportunities that can lead to departmental honors and publication in leading journals.

Our program is supported by an active, student-run Economics Club.

An economics major is valuable to any number of different professional disciplines in which critical thinking, analysis, and writing are emphasized.

While most graduates of the program enter the business world, many go on to graduate programs in medicine, law, or economics at such institutions as Oxford, Columbia, NERA, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University, Michigan State University, and the University of Virginia.

 The Pulse

September 25
event 9/25/2018

Economics Annual Wayne K. Van Dyck Lecture - Robert Kuttner

Roschel Theatre

Democracy and Capitalism: Allies or Adversaries?   Robert Kuttner is Meyer and Ida Kirstein...

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Story 4/30/2018

Senior Spotlight: Her Dedication Brought a Golden Year in...

As she prepares for the May 12 Commencement ceremony, F&M senior Alyssa  Ward looks back at her four years on campus—and what's next. 

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Story 4/10/2018

Spring Research Fair: Wealth and Inequality: The...

The wealthiest of the wealthy – those whose fortunes far exceed what they need to sustain themselves – frequently go in search of something on which they can spend their astonishing riches.  And,...

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Story 3/23/2018

Common Hour Speaker Encourages Gratitude and Compassion

Snow kept Nipun Mehta from making it to Franklin & Marshall College on March 22, but the founder of ServiceSpace still tuned in to speak at Common Hour, a community discussion conducted every...

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