Economics Graduates!! 
From all of us in the Department of Economics 
Message to F&M's 2020 Econ Seniors

Dear Economics Graduates of 2020, 

We are so sorry not to be celebrating your graduation on campus. We hear it said that, as a result of Covid-19, the world will be remade. We hear it said that we need to start reimagining: how we work, what we invest in, what we give to and take from each other, here in the U.S. and the world over. If this is so, you will be called upon to be part of this reimagining and remaking. We hope, we trust, that your F&M liberal arts economics education has prepared you well to do your part. Go do it! And keep in touch!

~The F&M Economics Department

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Economics Department Initiative

Inequality, Poverty, Power, and Social Justice

is a new departmental initiative that highlights our long-standing concern with questions of equity and justice through the Curriculum, Student Research, and a Public Forum for dialogue.

COVID-19 Resources

2019-20 program: 
Student research projects:
“How Power Works” (Margot Rathke ’20)
“A Lancaster Social Justice Index” (Gabriel Anthony-Kemp ’22 and Gabriel Berdett Laila Carneiro ’20)
"A Lancaster Audit: Toward a Lancaster Moral Budget"

Courses offered:
“Inequality, Power and Social Justice"
 “Public Policy, Poverty, and Human Capability” 
“Wealth and Income Inequality”
"Political Economy of Urban Development"
"Political Economy of Inequality"

Public Forums:

  • Annual Van Dyck Lecture: “The Urgent Need to Reverse Rising Inequality,” William Spriggs, Professor of Economics at Howard University, Roschel Performing Arts Center, September 18, 2019
  • “Reversing Runaway Inequality: A Post Van Dyck Lecture Discussion” — Student-led panel discussion: David Mazer, Margot Rathke, with Professors Fleming, Al-Huq, and Silverman. Brooks House, September 23, 2019
  • “Women, Gender, the Economy, and the Economics Profession: A Photo Exhibit” — Stager Hall Third Floor, October, 2019 ---
  • “Finding Freedom,” A Common Hour talk by Sonya Clark, Artist and Professor of Art and Art History at Amherst College. Co-sponsored with the Department of Art & Art History, and the Phillips Museum, January 23, 2020
  • “Towards a Just Economy: Early Lessons from the Stockton Guaranteed Income Experiment,” Public Lecture by Amy Castro Baker, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. Co-sponsored with the Department of Sociology, February 26, 2020
  • “Stratification Economics: Understanding Identity and Inequality”— the 2020 Annual Van Dyck Lecture to be delivered by William Darity, Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Economics and of African and African American Studies, Duke University, September 21, 2020

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  • Inequality Group picture

Photo: Initiative Working Group 

  • Margot Rathke presents at the October 2019 research fair
Photo: Margo Rathke presents at the October 2019 Research Fair 

Overview of Economics at F&M

Our curriculum better prepares F&M students with a broader realm of knowledge from which to draw throughout their careers. It also distinguishes our majors as they enter the professional world or graduate school, leading to top-level placements.

We offer truly impressive opportunities to work closely with faculty members in highly specialized courses and one-to-one tutorials.

Seniors who have exhibited outstanding scholarship gain access to independent research and study opportunities that can lead to departmental honors and publication in leading journals.

Our program is supported by an active, student-run Economics Club.

An economics major is valuable to any number of different professional disciplines in which critical thinking, analysis, and writing are emphasized.

While most graduates of the program enter the business world, many go on to graduate programs in medicine, law, or economics at such institutions as Oxford, Columbia, NERA, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University, Michigan State University, and the University of Virginia.

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Story 9/22/2020

‘Stratification Economics’ Founder Discusses Slave...

Economist William Darity Jr., founder of “stratification economics,” where social classes within a society are separated along economic lines, discussed his theory and how it applies to reparations...

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Story 8/12/2020

Students Seek to Quantify Social Justice

How do you measure citywide social justice?  Two F&M students spent their summer doing just that. Senior Jill Ireland and junior Nithya Ramaswamy have collected data to create a Lancaster...

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Story 6/22/2020

Socrates Citation: Professor of Economics Sean Flaherty

Dedication to the liberal arts tradition shines in Professor Flaherty’s classroom and relationship with his students.

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