About Economics

Our Program and Courses

You can major or minor in economics at F&M. You’ll study the production, consumption, and distribution of income and wealth by exploring the behavior of consumers and firms; monetary and fiscal policy; money, banks, and central banking; the relationship of the economy and the environment; international trade and banking; inflation; unemployment; income inequality; and the role of gender, race, and other cultural factors in shaping economies and economic thought around the world.

By the time you graduate, you will have received a broad understanding of:

  • Economic theories and practices
  • Society’s social relations of production, distribution and consumption
  • Economic models for the optimal allocation of resources
  • Quantitative tools of analysis used in economics 
  • Institutions through which humans have organized the provision of goods and services
  • Dynamics of markets for goods and services, as well as financial markets

Curious about what economics classes are like? Peruse our course catalog to see the depth and breadth of what’s available to you.

Our Faculty and Staff

David M Brennan

Professor of Economics

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Han Cheng

Assistant Professor of Economics

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Patrick M Fleming

Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Program Chair of Public Policy

Public Policy

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Danish Khan

Assistant Professor of Economics

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Tami L Lantz

Academic Department Coordinator

Africana Studies; Judaic Studies; Religious Studies

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Tony Maynard

Senior Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics

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Yeva Nersisyan

Associate Professor of Economics, Department Chair of Economics

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Leanne M Roncolato

Associate Professor of Economics

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Alex W Roomets

Associate Professor of Economics

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Mark S Silverman

Assistant Professor of Economics

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Eiman O Zein-Elabdin

Professor of Economics

Africana Studies

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Learning Outside the Classroom

Research Opportunities and Independent Studies

As an economics student, you’ll have ample opportunities to engage in independent or faculty-led research that can lead to departmental honors and publications in leading economic journals. Economics faculty are expert researchers on a wide array of topics, including: environmental policy and sustainable agriculture; banking and monetary policy; economic development; statistical and econometric analysis; trade; global finance; economic postcolonial theory; labor market outcomes for sexual minorities; behavioral economics; gender and economics; and more. 
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Internships for Credit

Internships allow you to get hands-on experience now and gain a competitive advantage in the job market later. You can even earn a credit toward your degree while adding these experiences to your resume.
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Off-Campus Study

F&M students have exciting opportunities to extend their F&M experience off campus. F&M students have studied abroad in Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Tanzania, and more.
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Economics Club

Clubs and organizations offer additional ways to get involved in your field of study while supplementing your academic experience. The economics club at F&M partners with the economics department to further your engagement with the discipline.

Success Beyond F&M

Graduating with a liberal arts degree in economics opens a world of opportunities. Whether you plan to attend graduate school or begin your chosen career immediately after earning your degree, you will be prepared to excel in your post-college pursuit. 

Graduate School

Many of our economic graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees in economics, law, business, policymaking, international relations, or medicine. They enter programs at the best universities in the U.S. and abroad, including:

  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Harvard University
  • Oxford University 
  • Yale University

Career Paths

Career outcomes for economics graduates are diverse. Many embark on successful careers in education, business, banking, government, and law. Our alumni have held positions such as:

  • Attorney
  • Business Analyst
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Consultant
  • Credit Analyst 
  • Economist
  • Equity Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Fund Analyst
  • Insurance Broker
  • International Financier
  • Paralegal
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Trade Analyst

Inequality, Poverty, Power, and Social Justice (IPPSOJ)

This initiative provides an intellectual and communal framework that promotes critical multidisciplinary research, dialogue, and action on issues of inequality and social justice as they manifest in Lancaster and other cities and regions worldwide. The IPPSOJ emphasizes a collaborative relationship with Lancaster communities to explore how dynamics of power generate and reinforce economic and social exclusion, poverty, and inequality. We organize activities through the curriculum, student-faculty research, and a public forum.

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Alumni Spotlight

“I'm really passionate about economic development and feminism.”

Kamakshi Shah '22 didn't expect to fall in love with economics. She had always thought of the subject as "intimidating," but after taking a class at her high school in Nepal, she uncovered a unique interest. "I'm really passionate about economic development and feminism," she said.
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“The 16-year old me had to decide what she wanted to do: Which field do I go into to try to make people's lives better? Economics seemed like the natural field.”

Yeva Nersisyan, associate professor of economics and Department of Economics chair, was just a child in Armenia when the Soviet Union collapsed, but the following turmoil shaped her life’s work. “Growing up there, I thought, ‘There's something that must be done – or can be done – about this,’” Nersisyan said. The answer, Nersisyan discovered, can be traced to the study of economics.  “The 16-year old me had to decide what she wanted to do: Which field do I go into to try to make people's lives better? Economics seemed like the natural field.”
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Related Fields of Study

Business, Organizations & Society

Do you imagine yourself in management, marketing, accounting, or finance after graduating from college? Study Business, Organizations & Society at F&M and learn to think critically and lead effectively in a variety of environments, from small businesses to large corporations and from for-profit to nonprofit.

Legal Studies (Certificate)

This certificate enables you to engage and evaluate legal discourse and argument as informed citizens. Drawing upon exploration of legal doctrines, reasoning, and policies in both public and private law, you will critically examine legal controversies from literary, economic, philosophic, and cultural perspectives.


The study of mathematics is ancient, and its roots in clear and creative thought can still be seen today. While studying mathematics at F&M, you will learn both the fundamental foundations and theories of the field as well as how to apply these theories to real-life problems.

F&M Economics in Action

November 7, 2023

Post-Soviet Memories Shaped Professor’s Path

F&M Professor of Economics Yeva Nersisyan was just a child in Armenia when the Soviet Union collapsed, but the following turmoil shaped her life’s work. She'll discuss Modern Money Theory at a Nov. 9 Common Hour lecture.

October 16, 2023

’09 Alum Shares Passion for Political Organizing

Shakya Cherry-Donaldson '09 returns to campus to discuss her career in political organizing with students at Thursday's Common Hour during F&M's second annual Inclusion Week.

September 28, 2023

Future Lawyer Expands Her Resume With Hands-on Legal Experience

Morgan Hovan ’24, a math and economics major, was the first F&M student to declare the Legal Studies Certificate. Explore how this decision is helping carve her path toward a successful career in law.