Story 5/29/2018

Alumni Profile: Czarina Hutchins '15

Czarina Hutchins '15, a joint major in WGSS and History, describes how she came upon her job as an Admission Counselor by accident, and discovered her passion for higher education.

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Story 6/15/2015

Alumni Profile: Andrew DeMaio '10

Andrew DeMaio '10 recently graduated from George Mason University School of Law, magna cum laude. He credits the writing skills he honed as a history major at F&M with putting him a step ahead of his...

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Story 6/17/2015

Alumni Profile: Timothy Bourgaize Murray '10

Tim Murray won the Charles I. Landis Award in 2010 for writing the best essay on an assigned topic in history. Like many government majors at F&M, Tim took several history courses, including the...

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Story 9/29/2015

Alumni Profile: Alexy Posner '13

Alexy Posner '13 puts her history degree to work in public relations in the sports industry.

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Story 8/17/2015

Alumni Profile: Tom DeMaio '10

Tom DeMaio '10 is Director of College Placement and Alumni for South Bronx United, a community-based organization that uses soccer as a tool for social change.

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Story 6/5/2015

Alumni Profile: Andrew Woods '10

Andrew Woods '10 graduated from F&M with a history degree and is now a Federal Business Development Lead at Bloomberg Government.

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Story 8/25/2015

Alumni Profile: Chad Wright '11

Chad Wright '11 is a Child and Family Case Manager at the Centre County Youth Service Bureau in Pennsylvania.

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Story 8/3/2015

Alumni Profile: Yiran Zhou '10

Yiran Zhou '10 majored in history at F&M and then returned to his native China after graduation to pursue a career in filmmaking. He is currently an MFA student at UCLA.

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Story 6/5/2015

Alumni Profile: Anna Lippe '10

Anna Lippe '10 is a Manager for Internal Communications at the Advisory Board Company. She says, "I never liked when people asked, 'You are a history major? What are you going to do with that?' I...

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Story 3/7/2018

Alumni Profile: Annika Turner '09

Annika Turner '09 pursued three study abroad experiences while a history major at F&M. She now works as Associate Director for Global Insight Expeditions at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth...

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Story 11/20/2015

Alumni Profile: Jacob Walter '05

Since graduating from F&M in 2005, Jake Walter has worked in public history, publishing, and education and currently is a stay-at-home dad. 

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Story 11/5/2015

Alumni Profile: Tim Brixius '00

Tim Brixius '00 is Social Media Coordinator and Web Producer in F&M's Office of College Communications.  

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Story 10/30/2015

Alumni Profile: Dan Tischler '08

Dan Tischler '08 is an assistant baseball coach and recruiting coordinator at Columbia University.

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Story 6/4/2015

Alumni Profile: Christine Corkran '05

Christine Corkran '05 works as Corporate Counsel for Mergers and Acquisitions at Tyco. "At a basic level, my history courses taught me skills essential for legal practice,"  she says.

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Story 6/19/2015

Alumni Profile: Laura Wolf '00

Laura Wolf '00 is Member Services Director of the Berkshire Visitors Bureau in western Massachusetts. Learning to use primary sources as a history major has proven to be vital to her work. 

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Story 7/14/2016

Alumni Profile: Miles Lang-Kennedy '08

Miles Lang-Kennedy serves as communications manager at Cambridge Health Alliance in Somerville, Mass., and credits skills he developed in the history department for preparing him for this role.

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Story 3/9/2017

Alumni Profile: Patrick Bevilacqua '02

Patrick Bevilacqua '02 works in digital advertising at an agency in New York City. 

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Story 7/8/2015

Alumni Profile: Katie Schmidt McMurry '00

Katie Schmidt McMurry credits the skills she learned as a history major with helping her to embrace all the twists and turns that life throws at her. 

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Story 11/4/2015

Melissa Stein '99 Returns to Campus

Dr. Melissa Stein '99, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky, returned to F&M to visit classes and give a public lecture. 

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Story 7/13/2015

Alumni Profile: Hilary Green '99

Hilary Green '99 is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Race Studies at the University of Alabama.

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Story 10/19/2015

Alumni Profile: Joel Berg '91

Joel Berg '91 came to F&M wanting to be a history major. Currently he is editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. 

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