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Story 11/8/2017

Donald Trump and the Ghost of Richard Nixon

On Nov. 15, Franklin & Marshall College hosts Luke Nichter, professor of history at Texas A&M...

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Story 11/1/2017

Memories of McCarthyism in the Age of Trump

From 1947 to 1960, the United States experienced the sustained repression of free speech and the...

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Story 10/19/2017

Autumn Research Fair: How 19th Century White Performers...

Digging deep into library archives and university collections, Franklin & Marshall College junior...

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Story 10/5/2017

Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land: Africans in...

Leroy Taft Hopkins, Jr. Professor of German Language (Emeritus) at Millersville University,...

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Story 3/9/2017

Alumni Profile: Patrick Bevilacqua '02

Patrick Bevilacqua '02 works in digital advertising at an agency in New York City. 

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Story 2/20/2017

Junior History, AMS Majors Invited to Apply for Andrew Award

Junior History and American Studies majors are invited to apply for the 2017 John Andrew Award....

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Story 11/22/2016

Sheldon Ruby '17 Earns Prestigious Fellowship for Foreign...

One of the largest postgraduate fellowships ever received by a Franklin & Marshall College student...

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Story 11/2/2016

F&M Votes Coalition Readies for Election Day

F&M Votes, which is supported by the College, is a nonpartisan coalition of students, faculty and...

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Story 10/13/2016

Native Americans and the Complex History of America

Mark Charles, Washington, D.C., correspondent for Native News Online, discusses the racial and...

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