Alumni Profile: Andrew Woods '10

History Major, 2010
Federal Business Development Lead, Bloomberg Government 

When I graduated from F&M, I didn’t know what to do with my degree. I knew that I had a strong skill set, grounded in my ability to synthesize large sums of information and to communicate effectively with others, but I didn’t know how best to apply those skills. A close friend and fellow graduate suggested that we apply for internships on Capitol Hill and use them to gain access to the job market in Washington. That experience, while valuable, helped me determine early on that I wanted to pursue another path, so I continued to explore my options.

Following my internship on the Hill, I transitioned to a think tank that focuses on Department of Defense policy and aligned more with my interest in foreign policy. There I worked within the non-profit arm of the business, which gave me great exposure to the fundraising activities of a D.C. think tank. This opportunity opened a door to my first sales job at a small company that provides non-profit consulting services. I then transitioned to a larger corporate sales job at a management consulting firm and then to Bloomberg, where I am today. Interestingly, many of my coworkers share my liberal arts background as well as my struggle to decide which career path to take after college. It became obvious to me that our common foundation, centered around reading, critical thinking and effective communication, is applicable to myriad disciplines outside academia.  

The road after graduating from F&M has not always been a clear one. In five years, I have worked at firms both non-profit and for-profit, both inside and outside the government. Keeping an open mind, building a strong network and continuing to learn about each sector and how they relate to one another has been and will continue to be highly valuable to my career.

  • Andrew Woods '10 with Michael Bloomberg Andrew Woods '10 with Michael Bloomberg
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