Alumni Profile: Timothy Bourgaize Murray '10

  • Timothy Bourgaize Murray '10 Timothy Bourgaize Murray '10
Winner of the Charles I. Landis Award, 2010
Editor, Incisive Media Ltd.

At first glance, working for a financial publication would seem a fair distance from the study of history, but the practical skills and thoughtfulness I gained from F&M History benefit me every day. First of all, contextualization is such a crucial skill for a journalist. The goal of any good story is to let a conflict and its characters speak — and that is exactly what history at F&M teaches you to do: not merely lay bare events as they happened (and are still happening), but to take a critical eye and lend a perspective into the motivations and pressures, constructs and consequences involved, too. Fittingly, the final paper I wrote at F&M was for a senior history seminar. And in a way, I've never actually stopped.

A close and very efficient eye for writing and methodically connecting ideas is incredibly important for an editor, as well; these were also defining features of my history courses. Finally, there is probably no better discipline than history to encourage curiosity about other cultures. The openness and worldliness of F&M's history faculty is absolutely unique, and whether completing my graduate study at London School of Economics or reporting from a number of other countries since my time in Lancaster, their influence is obvious and incredibly positive.

Editor's Note: Timothy Bourgaize Murray graduated in 2010 with a major in Government and minor in Area Studies (Islam & The West). He won the History Department's Charles I. Landis Award in 2010 for writing the best essay on an assigned topic in history. Like many government majors at F&M, Tim took several history courses, including the senior seminar for which he wrote his award-winning essay. 

"The practical skills and thoughtfulness I gained from F&M History benefit me every day."
Timothy Bourgaize Murray '10

Articles by Tim Murray

Many of Tim's articles are available online. Here are links to a pair of profiles Tim wrote while in Europe in 2013 — as reported from history hotbeds Warsaw and Prague — as well as a more traditional mini-feature about private equity. 

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