Alumni Profile: Alexy Posner '13

History Major, 2013
Athlete Brand Manager, Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

When you graduate from college, the most common question you hear is, “Where did you go to school?,” followed quickly by, “What did you major in?" As a history major who works in the sports industry, I knew I had to develop an answer that would capture the value of my degree.  My history degree has truly prepared me to be successful in the field of public relations.  I would even make the case that the degree should be called a "History and Communications" major, as the skills I learned within the History Department have served me so well in my current career.

I learned how to be an analytical thinker, to be an eloquent speaker, and to convey arguments with both my written and spoken words that are carefully crafted and convincing. Even more incredibly, I learned about the world and how to THINK on my feet and completely outside the box.  People tell me all the time that I can steer and mold conversations to help prove my point and achieve my desired outcome; being a history major taught me this. It taught me to be one step ahead and to always look to the next puzzle piece. These are skills that have truly served me in the sports communications field.

I look at public relations as a big puzzle. My job is to place all the pieces together to create a compelling image that ultimately drives revenue. When I think back to all my history courses, this is the greatest skill I learned. Professors would ask us to write papers in which we had to pull all the puzzle pieces together to create persuasive arguments that proved our thesis. In the end, I might not have a standard sports management or sports marketing degree, but I am so grateful for being a history major. I use daily the skills I learned in Stager Hall and am so grateful for those countless hours in the library with my nose tucked away in stacks of books. My history degree prepared me to work as the Public Relations and Brand Manager for the Lancaster Barnstormers for two years, followed by a position this past year with the Reading Fightin Phillies as a Game Day Presentation and Communication Specialist. Now I am heading to California to be the Athlete Brand Manager for Steinberg Sports & Entertainment!

  • Alexy Posner '13 with "Screwball," the Reading Fightin Phils mascot Alexy Posner '13 with "Screwball," the Reading Fightin Phils mascot
"My history degree has truly prepared me to be successful in the field of public relations."
Alexy Posner '13
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