Free Shuttle Service to Get Around Lancaster

This service is your link to Lancaster, providing both access to downtown and the Park City mall. You now have free and convenient access to shopping and entertainment. See below for the weekend schedules, as well as a list of attractions in the area.

The day-time loop provides students with the chance to run basic errands and off-campus study breaks. The night-time loops are focused on providing entertainment destinations on the weekends.

  • Announcements

    The Loop shuttle does not run during scheduled College breaks: Fall and Spring.

    Modified Thanksgiving Break Loop 2016: TBD

    Modified Winter Break Loop 2016: TBD

    • Pick up location is on College Avenue in front of Steinman College Center

    • Stops include the Asian market (near Lancaster Train Station), Park City and the Walmart and Giant on Fruitville Pike. The stop schedule will vary based on the driver and passengers.  Downtown Lancaster and Manor Cinema are also on the available if requested.

    Local Taxi Information: Friendly Transportation Company (717)-392-2222

    Red Rose Bus Transit Information:

    Enterprise car sharing is also available. See info at:

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Lancaster Loop Schedule

Friday Evening

TIMES: 4:00pm - 10:00pm, repeating approximately every 40 minutes

Stops on this route:

College Avenue (raised walkway)

Park City Mall (new location- Kohl's entrance)

Downtown Lancaster (across from Prince St. Cafe)

Asian Market (Liberty Street)

Walmart/Giant (Fruitville Pike)

College Avenue (raised walkway) 


  • Queen Street/Orange Street

    Spyro Gyros

    Ric's Bread
    Ad Lib Cafe
    Nino's (Pizzeria)
    Dunkin Donuts
    Muffin Street
    Cultural History Museum
    Citizen's Bank
    Bank of America
    Fulton Bank
    Convention Center


  • Prince Street- Fulton Opera House List



    Gallery Row
    Fulton Opera House
    Prince Street Cafe
    Cocina Mexicana

    The Souvlaki Boys
    The Shops at Hager 


Saturday Morning 

TIMES: 10:00am - 2:45pm, repeating approximately every 40 minutes

Stops on this route:

College Avenue (raised walkway)

Downtown Lancaster (across from Prince St. Cafe)

Giant/ Walmart

College Avenue (raised walkway) 




  • Duke Street/ Chestnut Street

    Square One Coffee


  • Hawthorne Center



    Five Below

    Holiday Hair

    Celebrations Party Store

    Ruby Tuesday


Saturday Evening

TIMES: 6:00pm - 11:30pm, repeating approximately every 30 minutes

Stops on this route:

College Avenue (raised walkway)

Manor Shopping Center

Downtown Lancaster (across from Prince St. Cafe)

Entertainment Option **

College Avenue (raised walkway) 




  • **Entertainment Option Weekly Schedule

  • Manor Shopping Center List

    Regal Cinemas
    Ruby Tuesday
    Luciano's Pizza
    CVS Pharmacy
    Royal Nail Salon
    Blockbuster Video
    Oletowne Jewelers
    Dollar Store
    Holiday Hair
    Ginmiya Japanese Steakhouse
    Chinese Restaurant
    Payless Shoe Store
    Guitar Center
    Fulton Bank


Things to do in Lancaster

Park City Mall

The mall is located at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and Harrisburg Pike, not far from campus! To view the full list of stores and restaurants, click here for the full Park City Mall website.

Visit the Mall website