Franklin & Marshall College is an outstanding destination for those who wish to pursue the study of music in an intellectually engaging liberal arts environment.

The Music Department offers a wide variety of classes dedicated to the study of music, including classes in music history, theory, composition, ethnomusicology, jazz, global popular music, and conducting. Students also have the opportunity to perform with their talented peers in our performing ensembles. These include the College Chorus, Chamber Singers, Jazz Ensemble, two orchestras, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, African Drumming Ensemble, and various chamber groups. In addition, students can take private vocal or instrumental lessons with our highly renowned teachers. These offerings are open to all F&M students, regardless of their major.

Because F&M believes there is a strong correlation between fine musicianship and academic success, we offer a number of unique programs for prospective and current music students. These initiatives are intended to emphasize the importance of musicians to the Franklin & Marshall community.

Prospective & Current Students

With music auditions, prospective students may showcase their musical talents and supplement their admission application.


Admission Early Notification Auditions

Music auditions are open to both early decision and regular decision students in support of their applications. High school seniors with prior music experience who would like to receive early admission notification well ahead of the normal April 1 decision date are encouraged to apply early.

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Tell us about your music interests and abilities!

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Check out the awards and opportunities for enrolled students

Click "Read More" to learn about the Adams/Gustafson Achievement Award,  Solo & Concerto Competition, Music Composition Contest, Senior Recitals, and Nolt Music Award.

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October 25
event 10/25/2019

Spectrum Concert

Barshinger Concert Hall

The F&M Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, African Drumming Ensemble, Chamber...

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October 26
event 10/26/2019

F&M Homecoming/Family Weekend Choral Concert

Barshinger Concert Hall

F&M College Chorus and Chamber Singers

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Story 9/19/2019

Empowering Musicians to be Noticed (VIDEO)

Brian Norcross is senior director of music & conducting studies. Who is his favorite student? All of them.

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Story 5/3/2019

Senior Writes German Opera for Independent Study

A pianist and 10 singers performed “Zum Tod Folgen,” or “Follow unto Death,” F&M senior Parker Neathery's opera, written and performed in German. 

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Story 4/26/2019

Student Conductors Bring Orchestral Greats and Originals to...

Without fanfare, Brian Norcross, Franklin & Marshall College’s senior director of instrumental music and conducting studies, presented a performance of various orchestral arrangements conducted by...

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