Instrumental and
Vocal Study 

Credit Lessons  available at two different credit levels
100-level lessons
•12 30-minute lessons per semester
•0.5 credits after 2 consecutive semesters
•No masterclass requirement
•Perform in studio recital after 2 semesters
•Permission of instructor required
•Schedule arranged with instructor
Fee: $456 per semester

200-level lessons
•12 50-minute lessons per semester
•3 masterclasses per semester
•0.5 credits each semester
•Perform in studio recital each semester
•Permission of instructor required
•Schedule arranged with instructor
Fee: $760 per semester​

*It is the policy of the college that if a student completes one lesson with the instructor, they have committed to pay the full semester fee even if they drop the lessons at a later date.

Students with financial aid waivers will be barred from receiving further fee waivers for the remainder of their time at F&M if they drop their lessons after they have completed one lesson with the instructor.



Fee Waiver Policy

First and second-year students are eligible for music lesson fee waivers if they meet all the following criteria:

  • They receive full financial aid (criteria listed below)*
  • They are interested in undertaking a serious course of study in music, continuing as a Music major or performance minor in their third and fourth years at F&M. (Note that by accepting lesson fee waivers, students are not obligated to become Music majors or minors in their final years at F&M. What matters in the first and second year is that students have an interest in the major or minor and a plausible plan to pursue this course of study).
  • They have been accepted into 100- or 200-level credit lessons in one of the studios at F&M.

To apply for a music lesson fee waiver (first and second-year students only), follow this link to a submission form. Applications for the Spring 2023 semester are due on January 25, 2023.

Third- and fourth-year students are eligible for a maximum of four (4) music lesson fee waivers if they meet the following criteria:
  • They are Music majors or  Music Performance minors
  • They have been accepted into 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-level credit lessons in one of the studios at F&M.

Students may only use one lesson fee waiver per semester.

Non-Credit Lessons (Artist-Teacher Program)

  • Lessons are available with the same fee structure as credit lessons
  • No expectation of performance in group recital or attendance at a masterclass
  • Permission of the instructor is required
  • Schedule arranged with instructor

Financial Aid Conditions for Credit Lessons

The student must be receiving and have accepted the FULL AMOUNT of all of the following:
      •Federal and institutional need-based aid grants, which include Franklin & Marshall need-based grant(s) and scholarship(s)
     •Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans based on their grade level - $3,500/First year; $4,500/Sophomore
     •The F&M Loan if you have been offered an F&M Loan

The Office of Financial Aid will credit the lesson fee to the student's account.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid at should you have any questions regarding your financial aid status.


Music Theory Placement Test 

Students wondering whether to take MUS 100 Fundamentals or MUS 222 Theory I should complete the Music Theory Placement Test and email the completed test to either Professor Julia Adams at or Professor Matthew Butterfield at Questions about the test can be addressed to either professor.