Instrumental & Vocal  Study

Credit Lessons

  • 14 private lessons per semester, 50 minutes each.
  • ​Weekly master class.
  • Performance in group recital.

  • Permission of instructor required.

  • There is limited space in each studio. Credit lessons are open to all F&M students on a competitive basis. Acceptance is based on potential and/or past development as judged by the instructor each semester.

  • The student must contact the instructor to schedul an audition and receive permission. Contact information is available from the Music Department Coordinator at

  • The instructor will provide the Music Department Coordinator with the names of the students approved for credit lessons. The Music Department Coordinator will submit the names of the students for enrollment to the Registrar's Office by 4:30 pm on the first Friday of the semester. After the first full week of the semester, additional students will be enrolled as student openings are reallocated from one studio to another.

  • Credit per semester = .5

    • Any student may add the .5 credit to their normal 4-credit load.
    • Students with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher in the previous semester may take up to 5 credit.s

    • Student with a GPA less than 2.5 in the previous semester or who want to take more than 5 credits must petition the Committee on Academic Status. Additional information can be found in the F&M Catalog under "Course Credit Overloads." The petition form is available at the Registrar's Office.

    • Schedule arranged by the instructor.

Non-Credit Lessons (Artist-Teacher Program)

  • 12 private lessons per semester, 50 minutes each.

  • Possibility of performance in group recital at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Permission of the instructor is required.

  • Schedule arranged by the instructor.

  • $600 Fee.

    • The $600 fee will be added to the student's account once the student has been enrolled in the non-credit lessons.

Financial Aid Conditions for Non-Credit Artist-Teacher Program Lessons

  • Students who have institutional need-based financial aid may be eligible to  have the $600 Artist-Teacher fee credited to their account.

    To be considered for the coverage, the student must be receiving AND have accepted the full amount of ALL federal and institutional need-based aid programs listed below.

  • Federal and institutional need-based aid grants which includes Franklin & Marshall need-based grant(s) and scholarship(s).

  • Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student  Loans based on their grade level - $3,500/First Year; $4,500/Sophomore; $5,500/Junior and Senior.

  • F&M Institutional Loan (if you have been offered an F&M Institutional Loan.)

IMPORTANT: Students who are eligible for the $600 fee credit are agreeing to attend and complete all 12 lessons. Failure to do so may require the proration of the $600 fee and repayment by the student.

The Office of Financial Aid will credit $600 to the student's account.


Contact the Office of Financial Aid at should you have any questions regarding this process.