Doris Hall-Gulati, Coordinator

The Franklin & Marshall Chamber Music program provides talented instrumental musicians with the opportunity to experience small ensemble repertoire. The ensembles range from trios to septets, and may include instrumentation for strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, guitar, voice, and piano. Enrollment is by audition.

The ensembles have at least two 90-minute rehearsals a week, one with a coach and at least once without a coach. Each ensemble is expected to perform at least at the chamber music concert. Students can choose one half credit for two semesters of participation. Meeting times are determined based upon the availability of the coach and participants.


Auditions for all instrumental ensembles occur during the first week of the fall semester and by appointment at the beginning of the spring semester. The auditions are ten minutes in length. Students are asked to prepare a piece and major scales, up to three sharps and three flats, in as many octaves with which they are comfortable. To arrange an audition appointment, contact the chamber music coordinator, Doris Hall-Gulati, at