The F&M Philharmonia is the College's select chamber orchestra and chamber wind ensemble. This ensemble is approximately 30 players is made up of F&M's finest instrumentalists who are also members of either the F&M Orchestra or Symphonic Wind Ensemble. The repertoire includes works for full chamber orchestra as well as works for just strings and just winds. The Philharmonia rehearses Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:45 to 10:15 p.m. Participating students are enrolled at the 300/400 level of the Orchestra or Symphonic Wind Ensemble, but do not receive additional credits for participating in the Philharmonia.
Due to the pandemic the Philharmonia concept has been absorbed into the full orchestra resulting in eight 10 to 11-person pods, which somewhat mirrors the original design of the Philharmonia chamber orchestra. This year a Philharmonia Pod has been created as part of the orchestra offering, which is an opportunity for students who can, and wish to, do more.
Some of the repertoire of the Philharmonia Pod includes Andrew Glennan ‘13, Reduced Travels (premiere) and Mozart, Symphony No. 30

Past repertoire of the Phiharmonia has included Mozart,Symphony No. 35 (“Haffner”); Joseph Harkins, Axis Mundi (premiere); Haydn, Symphony No. 94, (“Surprise”); Concertos featuring winners of the solo and concerto competition; Mahler Symphony No. 6; Respighi, Pines of Rome, Festivals of Rome and Fountains of Rome.


Members of the Philharmonia are also members of either the Orchestra or Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Based upon the audition for those ensembles, players are invited to join the Philharmonia.