Students who wish to give an official Senior Recital should consult with their studio instructor, who will in turn consult with the Chair of the Music Department, representing the other full-time members of the Department. If permission is granted, the student should enroll in the 300-level of the appropriate credit-bearing lessons ("Recital Preparation") the semester before the recital; note that two semesters of enrollment at the 200-level is a prerequisite for the 300-level. In the semester of the recital the student enrolls in the 400-level ("Senior Recital"). For example, a voice student would enroll in MUS 385 in the fall and MUS 485 in the spring, the semester of the recital. The deadline for approval follows the College's normal pre-registration and registration deadlines.

Students approved to give a Senior Recital may apply to have it designated a "Nolt Senior Recital," which qualifies the student to receive financial support from the endowment established by Joseph '59 and Marianne Nolt to defray some of the expenses of the recital. Funding for the following categories will be considered:

  • Up to three (3) extra meetings with the instructor (for example: dress rehearsal, attendance at the recital itself, an extra lesson)

  • Up to four (4) meetings with a professional accompanist for coaching and/or rehearsal prior to the dress rehearsal

  • Accompanist fee for the dress rehearsal and performance itself

  • Program printing by F&M (all programs will be in standard F&M format)

  • Piano tuning for the recital date, if the piano has not been tuned recently

The student should write a brief letter of application to the Chair of the Music Department stating the anticipated needs within the above categories; the letter should be signed by both the students and the instructor. The needs should be specified in the terms listed above (not in financial terms). The Music Department will pay the "providers" (instructor, accompanist, etc.) directly, not through the student. F&M currently pays professional accompanists at the rate of $30 for a coaching or rehearsal, $60 for a dress rehearsal, and $70 for a performance.

The deadlines to apply for Nolt funding are December 1 for a spring recital, and April 15 for a fall recital.