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The psychology major at Franklin & Marshall is widely recognized for its academic excellence and strong focus on empirical research.

Our majors benefit from outstanding facilities and resources, including specialized laboratories. Students are guided on an individual basis by highly acclaimed faculty who are active scholars committed to undergraduate education.

The new Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Building provides students access to sophisticated resources enabling investigation in primate behavior, artificial intelligence, the development of communication and language in infants, perceptual problems in night driving and the nature of interpersonal relationships.

Interdisciplinary Programs 

The Psychology department also offers majors through two interdisciplinary programs: 

Biological Foundations of Behavior

The  Biological Foundations of Behavior major is also offered in the Psychology department. It is an interdisciplinary program sponsored and jointly staffed by the Biology and Psychology departments.

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Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind

The Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind major is also offered in the Psychology department. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines Philosophy and Psychology, sponsored and jointly staffed by the two departments. 

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Student Information

DEI Initiatives in Psychology

The Psychology department is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion an on-going, everpresent part of our work. As a Department, we stand against racism and white supremacy. As part of this ongoing commitment, we share resources from our own teaching and research pertaining to these issues and selected resources from the psychological community. You can view these under the Resources link below. We are holding regular conversations on these topics throughout the academic year. You can also view the schedule of past and upcoming events below under the Resources link. Members of the F&M community are welcome to join us at our next meeting; please contact Nicole Fickes for the Zoom details.


Employment Opportunities

Open Positions

Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Instructor in Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College.   Click the link for more information.   

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Research Opportunities

Research in Psychology

Students engage in collaborative work and develop close relationships with faculty. They also enjoy many opportunities to interact informally with other students and faculty, including colloquia and department-sponsored events such as picnics, ballgames, and the annual Homecoming Tailgating Party with alumni.


Psychology News and Events

Story 5/24/2021

‘I See a Brighter Future for Myself’

Rising senior Thomas Downs shares why he sees financial aid as a “blessing”—and how he plans to pay it forward in a career path he sees as his calling. 

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Story 4/9/2021

Always Handle Reptiles With Care

A research project to evaluate whether positive human interactions improve the welfare of leopard geckos led to questions on how to handle the lizrds without causing them stress.

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Story 12/14/2020

Clubhouses, Tutoring: F&M Students Meet Lancaster Schools’...

After the pandemic interrupted their science outreach in Lancaster elementary schools, F&M students returned remotely in the fall with tutoring and clubhouses. 

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