Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take psychology my first semester?

If you are interested in the field of psychology, taking Introductory Psychology (Psychology 100) your first semester is a great idea. If you are pursuing health professions requirements, however, it is strongly recommended that you do not enroll in Psychology 100 the first semester. In fact, health professions students interested in integrating psychology into their curriculum do so through either the Biological Foundations of Behavior (BFB) program or the Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind (SPM) programs. Students pursuing either of these areas of academic interest bypass Psychology 100.

What if I have AP or IB credit in the math and/or the sciences?

It is often appropriate that students with AP or IB credit in science courses consult with a faculty member during the summer to clarify and work out their proper placement.

If you are considering medical school and wish to use AP credit for an introductory science course, be advised that many medical schools have a variation of the following policy: "AP coursework can be used to fulfill basic premedical requirements if they are supplemented by more advanced course work in that subject." Questions regarding AP credit and the health professions can be addressed to the Director of Health Professions Advising, Dr. Glenn Cummings (; 717-358-4191)