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Admitted Student Weekend Welcomes Class of 2027

Blue skies and smiles greeted 450 students at Franklin and Marshall College's annual Admitted Student Weekend, held April 14-15. The two-day event gave prospective members of the Class of 2027 — along with their families — a glimpse of life at F&M. The event saw some 1,200 total visitors.

A busy agenda highlighted the academic and cocurricular opportunities that make F&M unique. Visitors enjoyed campus tours, open houses, a student research fair, a student experience panel, an activities and club fair, special lectures, a cappella performances and more.

Each afternoon ended with a celebration on Hartman Green, where students enjoyed quintessential Lancaster snacks — whoopie pies and soft pretzels — along with other local treats.

What are members of the Class of 2027 most excited about? Meet a few of them below.

Ian Kuchera (Pittsburgh)

"I grew up in the city. So I think being out in Lancaster, I'm excited to meet different people from other places. It's nice seeing all the other prospective students and seeing what people's interests are."

Sophie McNamara (Raleigh, N.C.)

"The community. It's a smaller college and I grew up in smaller schools. I was surprised by how big the campus was."

Colin Redmond (Westfield, N.J.)

"I'm interested in just meeting a lot of new people – living together with them and experiencing day-to-day life."

Olivia Lounsbury (Nottingham, Md.)

"I'm excited for all the classes and I'm excited to get to know more people and create a big friend group."

"I want to see the vivarium because I'm going to be studying animal behavior. It was really nice being able to see the classrooms and the residence halls."

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