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Record Number of Fulbrights Earns F&M a Top Producer Spot

For the seventh consecutive year, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program has named Franklin & Marshall a top-producing institution. The College has received this honor nine times in the past decade. See the complete list

Fulbright is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program. Eleven recent graduates of the College were awarded Fulbright fellowships in 2023, the highest number in F&M history.

Of that cohort, 10 were chosen for Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs) and one for a study/research partnership. 

F&M is just one of 10 baccalaureate institutions with more than 10 Fulbright awards offered, with more recipients than any other undergraduate institution in Pennsylvania.

The top-producer designation is based on Fulbright awards that F&M students and alumni received the previous academic year.

Fulbright success has blossomed at F&M over the past decade. A dedicated Office of Fellowships helps students and alumni navigate the complex application process. 

The cohort of Fulbright students for the next academic year will be announced in late spring.

F&M’s selectees include: 

  1. Lauren Chen '23, ETA Taiwan
  2. Sylvain Falquet '23, ETA Taiwan
  3. Emma Frazier '21, ETA Athens College-Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF) 
  4. Kalida Gawon '23, ETA Taiwan
  5. Emily Kapner '21, ETA Slovak Republic 
  6. Julia Kreuzer '23, ETA Germany
  7. Lisbeth Marquez-Delgado '21, ETA Mexico
  8. Isabel Moss '23, ETA Mexico
  9. Emi Patino-Kishigami '23, ETA Spain
  10. Siliphone “Anna” Phommachanthone '22, study/research, Laos
  11. Hala Reeder '22, ETA Madagascar
Below, meet two of the College’s current Fulbright scholars. 
Sylvain Falquet
Sylvain Falquet '23
  • Fulbright location: Taiwan
  • Hometown: Wayne, Pa.
  • Major: Government
  • Minor: History

After graduating, Falquet began an English Teaching Assistantship as a part of Fulbright Taiwan. Currently, he is an assistant English teacher at an elementary school in Taitung County, Taiwan. The area is agricultural and has the largest population of indigenous peoples in Taiwan. “I feel very fortunate to learn more about Taiwan indigenous cultures through my students and their communities. I am also trying to learn some Mandarin while I am here,” Falquet says.  

Why did you choose your specific Fulbright location (Taiwan)? 

I chose the Fulbright Taiwan program because of influences from professors at F&M. In particular, I became very interested in Taiwanese politics and culture from [Assistant Professor of Government] Wei-Ting Yen, a citizen of Taiwan, who teaches a course on East Asian politics. Taiwan is considered one of leading democracies in Asia and the world, and has a very vibrant and distinct history. 

Furthermore, the Taiwanese government has a goal of the country becoming bilingual in Mandarin and English by 2030, along with wanting closer ties with the U.S. Although many people only see Taiwan through headlines in the news, the Fulbright program is a great opportunity to really understand Taiwan on a person-to-person level. In fact, I was able to meet Professor Yen in Taipei for the Taiwan presidential election in January! It was an experience I will never forget.

Emma Frazier in Greece
Emma Frazier '21 
  • Fulbright location: Athens College-Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF)
  • Hometown: Bridgewater, Mass.
  • Major: Psychology

After graduating, Frazier earned her master’s degree in special education for students with extensive support needs from Boston College. She worked at the Campus School at Boston College, a school for students with multiple disabilities and complex health needs. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2022, fundraising on the Campus School’s behalf, and began coaching a club running team. 

Why did you choose your specific Fulbright location (Greece)? 

During my F&M connections course, The Good Life, I learned how Aristotle developed the idea of eudaimonia. Pertaining to well-being, not fleeting or superficial happiness but rather the highest human good, eudaimonia exists when one pushes through challenging moments to achieve their purpose and is fulfilled. Amid the highs and lows of college and life, this concept continuously resonated with me, and compelled me to apply to Greece. 

On a more day-to-day level, I also knew that Fulbright presents many challenges that alone, an Ancient Greek mindset could not help me with. Given Greece’s robust landscape (from mountains to islands), beautiful weather and the country’s long and complex history, I knew I would constantly be exploring and learning while far from home.

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