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Women's Basketball Captain Scores NCAA Internship

Many college athletes dream of working in the sports industry. Jaclyn Feit intends to make this her reality.

This summer, the rising senior from Charlotte, N.C., is a College Basketball Academy Intern for the NCAA in Indianapolis. Feit and a team of other students are tasked with inviting prospective athletes to the first Women's Basketball Academy, running July 27 — 31 in Memphis, Tenn. She also crafts media policies and news releases and creates social media content in preparation for and during the academy.

"My F&M education prepared me a lot for this internship," says Feit, who utilizes skills from her classes and extracurricular activities daily at the NCAA. As a joint major in business, organizations and society (BOS) and psychology, she taps into marketing strategies that are effective for young athletes. She attributes her communication skills to Franklin & Marshall's focus on writing in all fields of study. Feit also serves as the communications director for Hillel, where she honed her skills in reaching out to fellow students.

Feit's experience on the court readied her for working behind the scenes in the sport. The incoming captain of the F&M women's basketball team says that being a student-athlete taught her time management and community-building; she credits her coaches and teammates for helping her find a balance between the sport, schoolwork and her personal life.

Feit says that one of the best parts of her experience was meeting the creatives who inspired her, such as Jaelyn Arndt, an associate director of communications. She ran the NCAA TikTok account during the women's Division I Final Four in 2022. Arndt, a former Division III volleyball player at Augsburg University, helped bring the often-overlooked women's championship to mainstream audiences.

This new attention paid to women's sports shows young female athletes like Feit what they can achieve.

"It's a sign that women's sports are moving in a positive direction," Feit says of the first Women's College Basketball Academy, which follows the annual event for men earlier in the week.

After she graduates, Feit hopes to continue making professional sports more accessible for female athletes. She says that one of the best ways is through social media, which young people already have at their fingertips.

"Social media can be a space for learning from others and finding role models," she says. "We just need to make it a more inclusive and uplifting environment."

“During college, I have gained confidence in both academics and basketball. F&M helped me realize my full potential on the court and in the classroom.”

— Jaclyn Feit '24

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