Meet Our HAs

Jorge Bris-Moreno

[1st Muhlenberg-Mull]

Khin Aye

Hi, I’m Khin and I’m a Sophomore. Outside of being an HA, I enjoy working with Squash Aces and eating good food.   [2nd Muhlenberg]  

David Yang

Hi I'm David Yang and I'm a Senior Sociology major from Shenzhen, China. Outside of being an HA, I am the president of the F&M Photography Club and enjoy playing the piano.   [2nd Rauch]

Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin, and I’m a Junior Psychology major and French minor from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Outside of being an HA, I am a member of the Franklin and Marshall Dance Company, a Marshall Fellow, and a volunteer for the Vivarium.   [3rd Schaeffer]

Susan Juarez

Hi, I’m Susan and I’m a sophomore from Chicago, IL. Outside of being an HA, I volunteer in the campus vivarium with the monkey families!  [1st Schaeffer]

Erik Lillegard

Hi I’m Erik and I’m a Sophomore Physics Major from Chicago. Outside of being an HA, I’m a huge car fanatic who loves to be physically active as well as help communities by working with organizations such as Squash Aces.   [2nd Mull]  

Kate Schell

Hi, I’m Kate Schell and I am a sophomore here at F&M. I’m an intended Public Policy and Sociology joint major, with an intended Spanish minor. On campus I am an active member of F&M Players, Phi Sigma Pi (PSP)and InterVarsity, and I also take both violin and voice lessons.”  [3rd Muhlenberg]

Anuj Ghimirey

Hi my name Anuj Ghimirey . I am a junior majoring in chemistry. Outside of being an HA, I like to interact with my nieces and nephews.   [3rd Rauch]

Logan Sailer

Hello, I'm Logan Sailer and I'm a Sophomore at F&M. I'm from Bethlehem, PA and I plan on being a Biology major. Outside of being an HA, I love movie, games, and tea.   [1st Rauch]  

Liv Young

Hi, my name is Liv! I am a sophomore and an Economics major. You can catch me on the rugby pitch or in LSP eating my favorite on-campus food, chicken caesar flatbread! My involvement on campus, besides being an HA in Ware, includes being the captain of the Women’s Rugby team, a member of New College House Senate, and Chair of New College House’s...

Samit Basnet

Hi, I'm Samit Basnet and I'm a Junior Computer Science and BOS major from Kathmandu, Nepal.  Outside of being an HA, I am a member of the International Student Advisory Board and enjoy soccer.  [3rd Mull]