Community Partners 

Ware Institute community partners play a key role in student internships. Our Community partner agencies and organizations are dedicated professionals that truly value the opportunity to work with and mentor  F&M students.  

Internships and volunteer experiences in the community enable students to make significant contributions to organizations while acquiring meaningful professional experience that impact career choices.  


Requesting Student Interns or Volunteers

  • PSSI Program
  • PSSI interns
  • Art Therapy
  • PIT at Central Market
  • 14 PIT Building Lancaster
  • 13 Ghana Alternative Winter Break
Request an F&M Works or PSSI Intern

Students who wish to become F&M Works or PSSI interns go through a rigorus application process before they are selected to become part of these programs. 

Request an F&M Works Intern by clicking on the button below in the Intern & Volunteer Requests section to access the form.