Community & Public Service Marshall Fellows

The Marshall Fellows program is designed to recognize demonstrated academic excellence, to create a cohort of intellectually engaged students, to encourage intellectual adventure, and to provide support to Fellows for academic enrichment. The program is also intended to help students think about and prepare for post-graduate opportunities. To learn how Marshall Fellows are selected or if you are interested in an academic enrichment fellowship, visit Marshall Fellows.

Planning Your Project

Your proposal for a CPS Marshall project must be developed with a faculty advisor before the application is submitted. 

Service should be one of the central components of your fellowship. The service should be under the auspices of a recognized and respected agency, foundation or reputable group. You should have some demonstrable ability and expertise to carry out the service project and you must provide adequate background about the proposed agency, foundation or group.

You should have evidence of prior commitment to the service activity, including class work, volunteer work and/or internship experiences.


Please contact  Lisa Wolfe, associate director, the Ware Institute, for more information or for an appointment to discuss your  CPS Marshall Project. 

Faculty Recommendation Form

Your application must include a recommendation from a member of faculty or professional staff.  Provide this link to your faculty recommender and ask her/him to complete the form on your behalf.

Deadlines for Your Application:

  • November 4, 2016

  • February 3, 2017

  • March 3, 2017
  • April 7, 2017
  • November 3, 2017


Story 9/20/2016

Kathryn Rainville '17, Builder and Teacher in the Dominican...

"I am so grateful that I had the ability to travel and give back to a community in desperate need of these kinds of things. Things that we find so basic that we take them for granted—things that...

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Ryan Von Kleek '15 CPS Marshall Project: An Unmet Need for Medicine in Central America

"It was amazing how much trust the Hondurans had in us and the gratefulness they expressed for what we were doing." 

Ryan Von Kleek '15 CPS Marshall Fellow

Sarah Rothman '15 CPS Marshall Fellow Project: Lion Rehabilitation at Antelope Park Reserve, Zimbabwe

"I wanted to use the opportunity of being a CPS Marshall Fellow to experience something that I can’t get first hand exposure to in Lancaster.  As an environmental science major, I chose to go to Zimbabwe to work with the African Lion Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) on a new conservation method to rebuild Africa’s struggling lion populations."...

Sarah Rothman '15