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Wyatt Behringer '18

This summer Professor Kibler and I were awarded the Solomon Wank Memorial Peace and Human Rights Research Award. We conducted research on the recent history of U.S. immigration reform. The research was then used to write a simulation for college classrooms, which is centered on passing immigration legislation through the Senate. The goal of the simulation is to improve students' ability to form evidence-based arguments in both written and oral form. We hope the simulation will be highly informative and will give students the skills to engage with the national immigration debate.

Jackie Salg '18

Jackie Salg ‘18 expanded her Senior Seminar research project into an article that was accepted for publication in the December 2017 issue (Volume 5.1) of New Errands, the peer-reviewed student journal of the Eastern American Studies Association: “Building the Bridge between Advertising and Social Change.” 








  • Wyatt Behringer '18
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