There are many colleges and universities where students can learn about animal behavior, but very few like Franklin & Marshall College provide opportunities in the Animal Behavior major of the Biological Foundations of Behavior program for undergraduates to work directly in the laboratory, field, zoos and other countries with many animal species, including aquatic invertebrates, fish, mammals, birds and capuchin monkeys.

Our state of the art resources include newly constructed Teaching and Research Laboratories in Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology and Comparative Psychology within the 100,000 square foot Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building.

The hallmark of our program is its emphasis on actual hands-on experience for undergraduate students with faculty who are dedicated teachers and active researchers. In this apprenticeship like process, our students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges of scientifically exploring the behavior and mind of animals - both as individuals and in groups - in ways that cannot be found simply by reading textbooks and listening to lectures.

Throughout the Animal Behavior major, students have opportunities to collaborate with other students and professors on original research projects that may lead to the presentation of their results at national and international professional meetings and co-authorship in journal publications.