Develop your brain while studying the mind

The human brain is a new frontier we've only begun to chart. Students pursuing the Neuroscience major in the Biological Foundations of Behavior program at Franklin & Marshall have the opportunity to significantly contribute to our understanding of the nervous system and behavior.

In close collaboration with the faculty - dedicated teachers and active researchers - Neuroscience students study the nervous system across multiple levels of analysis, from molecules to the behavior of organisms.

Our state of the art resources include newly constructed Neuroscience, Biopsychology and Animal Behavior Teaching and Research laboratories within the 100,000 sq ft Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building.

What really sets us apart, however, are the opportunities our students have to collaborate closely with fellow students and professors on significant research projects.

Throughout our curriculum students become engaged with open-ended questions and learn to tackle them directly with increasing sophistication in the application of research methodologies and a critically informed grasp of past and ongoing scientific advances in neuroscience.

Neuroscience majors collaborate in the design, execution, and presentation of research projects and advance to long-term student/faculty collaboration on projects that are funded by federal research grants. These experiences often result in students presenting their results at national meetings of professional societies in neuroscience and co-authorship in prestigious journal publications.