The bioinformatics program at Franklin & Marshall was introduced in 2008 with a grant received from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The program provides many paid opportunities for F&M students to do research with faculty members across the fields of computational biology, genomics, proteomics, medicine and allied fields. 

Recent advances in fields like genetics, genomics and proteomics have led to the creation of very large sets of biological data. To manage, process and understand this massive new body of biological data, scientists with cross-disciplinary skills are in high demand. Students who choose to study bioinformatics will receive comprehensive training in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, and applied mathematics. This background will pave the way to many exciting careers in the sciences and medicine.

A major in Bioinformatics is achieved as a Joint Major between the Biology and Computer Science Departments. Students should arrange to meet with faculty in both departments to determine course availability. Below is a list of suggested coursework within each area.

Suggested Coursework in Biology

BIO 101 Principles of Heredity, Evolution, and Ecology
BIO 102 Cell & Molecular Biology
BIO 200  Integrative Biology
BIO 313  Introduction to Genome Analysis

Suggested Coursework in Chemistry

CHM 111  General Chemistry I
CHM 112  General Chemistry II

Suggested Coursework in Mathematics

MAT 109  Calculus I
MAT 110  Calculus II
MAT 216  Probability & Statistics I

Suggested Coursework in Computer Science

CPS 111  Computer Science I
CPS 112  Computer Science II
CPS 261  Algorithms
CPS 363  Introduction to Bioinformatics