Anderson Island Coyote Project

  • Coyote in Andy's Marine Park

We are conducting a study of the ecology and behavior of island coyotes (Canis latrans) on Anderson Island. Our goal is to understand the numbers of coyotes and their use of the island.  We are particularly interested in the role of parks and green spaces as movement corridors, breeding areas, and food sources.


We have installed a set of motion-activated remote ‘trail cameras’ across the island to document the presence of coyotes. The cameras use an infrared beam and when the beam is broken by motion, the camera takes a series of photographs. These photographs will allow us to estimate the coyote population and detect which areas of the island are used by coyotes. 


Please do not disturb the cameras. If you have any questions regarding our study, please contact us at You can report your own sightings at:


Dan Ardia- summer AI resident and Professor of Biology, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA