Fall 2019

September 3
Meet and Greet

Enjoy free pizza and get to know our faculty at our annual meet and greet!

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


October 15

Dr. David Stahlman (BFB'04)

On coelacanths, precambrian rabits, and their behavioral equivalents: Behavior through a selectionist lens.

Hosted by: PSY, BFB, BIO

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


October 24

Amalia Handler '13

"Nitrogen Movement and Transformation: A journey along slopes, streams, and wetlands in the Arizona Desert"

4:45 pm - LSP 138


October 29

Dr. Pavithra Vivekanand

Assistant Professor at Susquehannah University and Visiting Professor at F&M 2007-2010

Ester derivatives of thujone induce apoptosis of HeLa cells.

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


November 5

Thai "Dat" Dao '15 

PhD student, University of California-Berkley

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


November 12

Dr. Anirban Paul

Assistant Professor at Penn State

"The Borne Identity: discovering a biological basis for cell types"

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


November 26

Dr. Leslie Parent

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


December 3

Dr. Felicity Arengo, Wildlife Conservation Society

Conservation Biology of Flamingos in Mexico

11:30 am - Bonchek Lecture Hall, LSP 142


  • Bio Free Hour Talk with Assistant Professor Anirban Paul, PhD, MSc
  • BIO FREE HOUR 10/29/19
  • A Journey Along Slopes, Streams, and Wetlands in the Arizona Desert.
  • Bio and Psych


F&M Biology Newsletter 2019

Students in BIO 325 Marine Biology survey invertebrate animals of the sandy beach at Stone Harbor, NJ, in September 2018. 

F&M Biology Newsletter 2019

F&M Biology Newsletter 2018

 F&M BFB Animal Behavior major, Camden McMillan '19, climbed a soaring tulip poplar in front of Old Main on F&M Arbor Day in April with guidance from Assistant Professor of Biology, Sybil Gotsch.

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  • confocal image

Biology Newsletter 2017

A National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant provides for a laser-based confocal microscope system for state-of-the-art image capture and analysis.


Biology Newsletter 2016

Prof. Janet Fischer, Kei Norford '18, Molly Lowell '16 and Rebhi Rabah '16 climb an elegant staircase on their way to Lake Oesa in Yoho National Park