F&M Chemistry
National Ranking

Franklin and Marshall College's Chemistry Department ranks 7th among liberal arts colleges (LACs) in the number of research articles published since 2008 (many with student coauthors), and ranks 4th among LACs as the baccalaurete origin of PhDs awarded from 2007 to 2016 . F&M was also among the top 10 predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in terms of research grants received from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. From 2007 to 2017, F&M's Chemistry Department has been awarded $3.4 million, from external funding sources, to support its programs.

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Why Chemistry at F&M

Studying Chemistry at F&M is a combination of:

  • learning rigorous content applicable to the pursuit of chemistry and the liberal arts from professors who are concerned with how YOU learn chemistry,
  • having access to one of the oldest and largest undergraduate research programs in the country,
  • the confidence of being trained for graduate and medical school in a department that ranks in the top 5 liberals arts colleges in the numbers of students who obtain PhDs, while many other graduates successfully earn MDs,
  • being able to coauthor research publications with faculty members.

How to find us:

Office Location: HAC 301
Phone: 717-358-4123

The Chemistry Department is located on the 3rd & 4th floors of the Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories Building.

Mailing address:
Chemistry Department
Franklin & Marshall College
P. O. Box 3003
415 Harrisburg Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003


Chemistry Student Researchers in action! 

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See students in action by scrolling  through selected Chemistry Research Lab photos by  using the right and left arrows.

Research Connections

Materials Studies

The Most Interdisciplinary Physical Science:  At F&M we recognize that the study of materials can lead to new sources of energy, to new devices and materials, to new ways to characterize matter, or to a more sophisticated understanding of matter and our environment. We also recognize that it is the fundamental principles underlying the...

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Where Chemistry and Biology Meet:  The Chemistry Department at F&M has a strong history of research that seeks to illuminate the atomic and molecular world. In applying this molecular view to living things, biological chemistry seeks a greater understanding of the mechanisms of life itself.

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Synthesis of OrganicMolecules

Chemistry is the molecular science. In order to study a molecule directly it must be available to us, but many molecules that may be interesting are in short supply or do not exist. The study of such molecules requires their synthesis. Organic synthesis is the artificial construction of many complex organic molecules from simpler ones using...

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Student Information

Curriculum and Courses

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes and, as such, is essential to the study and understanding of physical, geological and biological phenomena. Because of its place among the sciences, chemistry is inherently interdisciplinary and attracts students to its study from a broad range of related interests. 

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Research Opportunities

Undergraduates have participated in original research in chemistry at F&M for more than 50 years, and chemistry research at F&M has a long history of excellence. The Chemistry faculty believes research can be one of the most important educational experiences for students, and many of our graduates find it to be one of the most worthwhile...

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Independent Study & Honors

Independent Research (Chemistry 490) is strongly recommended for senior Chemistry majors. During the past decade 90% of the senior majors have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Students can also accomplish a great deal during summers or by working several afternoons a week during the academic year. 

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ACS Affiliation

Nearly 900 ACS Student Affiliate chapters are established in two- or four-year colleges and universities. These chapters serve as leadership organizations for undergraduate chemical sciences students, providing professional experiences, graduate school information, and other career development resources.

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Study Abroad

Over the past 10 years more than 20 chemistry students have participated in one- or two-semester study abroad experiences.  Students have studied at universities in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, and Australia, often through traditional approved study abroad programs.

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After F&M with a Chemistry Degree 

What can you do with your Chemistry degree?

A degree in Chemistry leads to many opportunities following graduation, whether in graduate studies in several fields of science, medical school, employment in an active and exciting field of chemistry based  industries, or other careers... 

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The Central Science

Chemistry is fundamental to an understanding of the properties and reactions of matter. It is critical for the development of new drugs, compounds with new properties such as superconductors and nanomaterials, and the continual refinement of substances that make our lives more enjoyable.

Chemistry, the Central Science, is inherently interdisciplinary and is at the interface of many disciplines such as molecular biology, solid-state physics, and geology. The Chemistry Major is taught by dedicated and productive faculty who are committed to helping the student acquire:

  • skills necessary for critical and analytical thinking
  • an understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry
  • a feeling for the joys and frustrations of original research
  • the ability to communicate observations and discoveries

Chemistry majors routinely co-author research articles published in well-respected journals, and present their research at local and national meetings.  The student who majors in Chemistry at F&M receives an excellent, balanced education and is well-prepared for graduate work in chemistry, the pursuit of medicine, opportunities in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and a variety of other career paths.


The Pulse

Story 2/13/2023

F&M Joins 14 Institutions in Unique Science and Math...

Over the next six years, students taking introductory mathematics or science should expect more inclusive, dynamic experiences at Franklin & Marshall College.

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Story 6/2/2022

Research Award Enables Post-Baccalaureate Study at F&M

Following graduation May 14, chemistry major Rebecca Qi Luo ’22 returned to the F&M laboratory where she is spending a year gaining professional experience.  

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Story 3/30/2022

Biology, Psychology Interests Lead Researcher to Potential...

Hailan Yu's research for new antibiotic compounds plows relatively untouched ground.

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Jennifer Morford
Story 2/25/2022

Jennifer Morford: Science in Between

Professor of Chemistry Jennifer Morford said contributing to students’ learning “would be an incredible legacy.” Watch her share her joy of working with students and celebrate the moments when “that...

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Story 11/12/2021

Mentors Benefit as Much as Mentees

Chemistry Professor Jennifer Morford, recipient of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching, shares her experiences as both. 

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Story 10/27/2021

Lancaster Native Embarks on a Personal Journey Close to Home

Sophomore Quyen Hoang was nervous that going to college close to home would limit her opportunities for growth. But this Lancaster native is learning she doesn’t need to travel far to find who she is...

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Four F&M Alums Awarded National Science Fellowships

The alums who received NSF fellowships to advance their graduate work shared their thoughts, and some advice, about how F&M prepared them for graduate school.

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Story 7/16/2021

Student Researcher Helps Develop Tool for Biochemists

In her research with Chemistry Professor Christine Phillips-Piro, rising senior Sarah Schick is at work in the laboratory on a technique that would allow scientists to better understand how proteins...

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Story 6/25/2021

Professor Embraces ‘Uncomfortable’ in Learning

Chemistry Professor  Jennifer Morford , this year's recipient of the Christian R. and Mary E. Lindback Foundation Award for distinguished teaching, talked about her passion for teaching and mentoring.

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Story 4/12/2021

Forging the Path for Those Who Come Next

“Look at who you want to be, find that person, and ask them how they got where they are.” Sophomore Curtis Mark did just that—and landed a medical internship with an F&M alumnus. 

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Story 5/4/2015

Senior Spotlight: Hanyu 'Peter' Sun

China native Peter Sun says doing research in chemistry and independent study in math were challenging and rewarding moments.

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F&M Chemistry's Annual Newsletters

The 2019 Chemistry Newsletter is available online.

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