Chemistry Student  Research Opportunities 

Undergraduates have participated in original research in chemistry at F&M for more than 50 years, and chemistry research at F&M has a long history of excellence. The Chemistry faculty believes research can be one of the most important educational experiences for students, and many of our graduates find it to be one of the most worthwhile experiences of their career.



Summer Research 

Summer research is conducted during a 10-week period extending from approximately the last week in May through the first week in August. Although the summer research program in chemistry is often referred to as the Hackman Program because funding provided by Dr. William Hackman '39, an alumnus of the College, and his wife Lucille, has supported summer research for nearly twenty years, the funds for student stipends, chemicals and equipment, come from a variety of sources; e.g., grants from the National Science Foundation, the Petroleum Research Fund, or Research Corporation obtained by faculty members, industrial support to the department from companies such as Dupont and Merck, and support from foundations such as the Dreyfus Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Beckman Foundation. In addition to the Hackman Scholarships, students have been supported through a variety of sources. Criteria for summer scholarships can be found at the list of Endowed Awards and Scholarships.

Summer Research Financial Support

Stories from the lab...

Story 6/29/2017

Building the Biofuel of the Future

This summer, student researcher Connor Protter and Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Alex Davis toil away on computations that could one day bring a more efficient and accessible biofuel to...

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Story 12/7/2016

Making a Molecule to Help Sustain Life

A chemistry professor and his students at Franklin & Marshall College are working on producing a molecule to treat a rare, but devastating genetic disorder that’s fatal in children before they reach...

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My undergraduate research experience was absolutely fantastic…a journey full of challenges and struggles, triumphs and failures, where success is achieved not only from a result, but from not losing enthusiasm along the way."

Art Catino, Ph.D. '00 


My research experience has given me an appreciation for the difference between being a chemistry student and being a chemist. The experience has taught me a variety of useful laboratory practices that will prepare me for graduate school and a career in chemistry.

​Christopher Bemis '14

Story 4/18/2019

Chemistry Assistant Professor, Sarah Tasker, is awarded an...

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Story 4/12/2019

Yes, Professor, the Lecture Can Evolve, Speaker Says

For those in the pedagogical set, the title, “Is the Classroom Lecture Becoming Extinct or Simply Evolving?” may have raised concern at the April 11 Common Hour, a community discussion conducted...

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Story 4/11/2019

2019 Spring Research Fair: A Measure of Distance and a...

When Brianna Papoutsis first stepped onto Franklin & Marshall’s campus, she was a bit intimidated. After all, she hadn’t started her classes—yet.  

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