Should I take Chemistry my first semester? 

F&M's graduation requirements do not include a chemistry course, however, chemistry is needed for several science majors and many graduate health professions programs.  It also fulfills the College’s Natural Science requirement.  The majority of sections of the first chemistry course in the sequence, CHM111, are offered in the fall, with limited sections offered in the spring.   Due to the verticality of the subject material in chemistry, CHM111 must be taken prior to any additional chemistry courses.T

You should consider taking chemistry, however, if any of the following apply:

  • You are interested in pursuing a major in Biology, Chemistry, Biological Foundations of Behavior, or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and possibly Environmental Science.
  • You are interested in pursuing health professions requirements and plan to complete them by the end of the junior year, or are interested in a study abroad experience either semester of your junior year.

Students taking chemistry the first semester and planning to major in the sciences typically take mathematics and two additional courses. The same advice applies to most students pursuing health professions requirements. If you have an AP or IB credit in chemistry, see Chemistry's Transfer Credits section.

Any questions about whether or not to enroll in chemistry in your first semester may be directed to Prof. Moog (

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