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The Computer Science major at Franklin & Marshall prepares students for the highest levels of success across a variety of professional disciplines. Also, students from a wide range of majors across campus take advantage of the Computer Science minor to gain technical and programming skills that will distinguish them throughout their careers.

This is an exciting time in Computer Science at Franklin & Marshall. We have expanded our faculty and moved from offering a minor to creating a forward-looking major in Computer Science.  We were fortunate to be able to develop this new major from the ground up, taking advantage of recent advances in computer science pedagogy. 

The flexibility of our program allows us to incorporate these and other new developments into our expanding curriculum.

A Major/Minor in Computer Science

A major in computer science consists of 11 computer science courses together with 3 mathematics courses. 

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Digging Deeper: Research with Our Students & Computer Scientists, and Internships

Computer Science Student Research, Independent Studies & Internships

Students gain experience working one-on-one with professors and within the private sector. 

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Using Computers to Understand Biological Systems

Associate Professor of Computer Science Jing Hu brings cutting-edge research experience in bioinformatics, data mining and machine learning to the Department of Computer Science. His goal is to develop computational models to address challenges in understanding biological systems.   


Security and Privacy in the Modern, Mobile Age

Associate Prof. Ed Novak’s research targets  security and privacy on smart mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers.  “Because these devices are now ubiquitous in the modern world, the security and privacy concerns are much greater than that of 80's and 90's ‘personal computers."


Exploring Magic in the Mind with AI

“The mind has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.   It has long seemed to me that if there is magic anywhere in this world, there is magic in the mind,” says Assistant Professor Justin Brody.     


Digging into Deep Learning

Assistant Professor Brad McDanel’s research focuses on the design of specialized algorithms and hardware architectures to make deep learning more energy efficient.  More broadly, he works across the areas of deep learning, computer vision, hardware architecture and computer networks.  


Human-Robot Social Awareness & Ethics

"I hope to make people's lives better.  Artificial intelligence and robotics can provide many benefits to people and to society,"  says Assistant Professor Jason “Willie” Wilson.  "I'm particularly interested in how social robots can provide assistance to older adults living on their own and to students as they learn.  When a robot helps a person,...


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