A Major in Computer Science


A major in computer science consists of 11 computer science courses together with 3 mathematics courses.


A student can declare a major in computer science by completing and submitting an online Application to Major information sheet to the Computer Science Department and the Registrar's Major-Minor Declaration form, and then contacting the Computer Science department chair at jhu@fandm.edu.   After the major is  declared, the student is assigned an academic advisor in the department.  The new advisor will help the new major plan a computer science career at F&M.  

Seven required computer science courses are:

  • CPS 111 [Computer Science I]
  • CPS 112 [Computer Science II]
  • CPS 222 [Computer Science III]  
  • CPS/MAT 237 [Discrete Mathematics]
  • CPS 242 [Computer Organization]
  • CPS 261 [Algorithms]
  • CPS 337 [Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science].

Four electives at the 200-level or above:

  • Three electives must be Computer Science courses at the 300-level or above that are not cross-listed, other than CPS 390 and 490.
  • At most one elective may be chosen from:
    • PHI 244 [Symbolic Logic]
    • PSY/SPM 305 [Cognitive Psychology],
    • PSY/SPM 312 [Embodied Cognition], or
    • an otherwise related course otside of computer science, approved by the chairperson.

Mathematics courses:

  • MAT 109, 110 [Calculus I and II], and either
  • MAT 216 [Probability and Statistics I] or
  • MAT 229 [Linear Algebra and Differential Equations].